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eBay Integration – Now Available For AppScenic Retailers

eBay integration now available for AppScenic retailers -  

We know many of you have been waiting for this release for a while now, so we’re super excited to announce that from now on you can finally integrate your eBay store with AppScenic.  

eBay is one of the top online marketplaces worldwide, with 142 million active buyers and 79% of website traffic coming from the US. More than that, there are many Amazon sellers that currently sell on eBay or are planning to be on eBay in 2022. 

All of these mean eBay is a platform worth being on as a retailer, that’s why we knew we had to develop this integration and make it easy for you to access and sell AppScenic products on eBay too. 

Why eBay integration?

As we already said, there are millions of people who visit eBay daily to buy or search for different types of products. For a huge number of consumers, eBay is the first choice, and among the ones looking for bargains or seeking out great prices on used and refurbished products, there are also regular buyers looking for high-quality products. 

For all these reasons and more, eBay is a platform worth being on as a retailer or seller, even if you already have top your own ecommerce website on WooCommerce or Shopify, for example.

So, from now on you can take your eBay store to the next level with AppScenic dropshipping platform. In other words, by integrating your eBay with our App, you can start dropshipping products from AppScenic. Our platform gives you access to over 1,000,000 products from top reliable suppliers all over the world.

With AppScenic, you can synchronize your inventory and orders, and manage your listings and shipments, all from a single location – the AppScenic dashboard. 

How does it work? First, you need to have an existing eBay store. If you don’t, you just need to setup such a store and when you’re happy with how your online store is looking, you can connect it to AppScenic and start searching and importing products from our marketplace to your eBay store in just a few minutes. 

Step-by-step guide on how to connect your eBay store to AppScenic

After you have setup your eBay store, you can sign in to your AppScenic Account

If you don’t have an account with us yet, don’t worry, you can register for one here. It only takes a few minutes. 

Once you have set up your AppScenic Account, go to My Stores on the left side of your dashboard or choose ADD NEW STORE from your Quick Start page. It all depends on whether you have or not a store already connected to your AppScenic Account.

Now, on My Stores page of your AppScenic Account, you need to click on the platform you’re using, in this case, eBay. So, after you’ve selected your store’s platform, a new page will open up, and you have to follow a few easy steps to install our app. 

And that’s all, you’ve just added your eBay store on AppScenic.

Once you’ve finished with that step, you can start searching, importing and pushing to store the products that you want to sell on eBay. 

What does eBay integration mean for retailers?

In case you don’t know a lot about AppScenic or why you should integrate your eBay store with our app, here are some of the reasons our app is the preferred dropshipping platform for many retailers:

  • Access to over 1,000,000 high-quality and unique products from reliable suppliers all over the world.
  • Our suppliers are located in the USA, CA, AUS, EU, UK and beyond, which means they can ship ultra-fast to all these regions.
  • A dropshipping automation platform that’s super easy to use. 
  • Our support team is 24/7 available, always ready to answer any questions you may have about dropshipping with us.


How to start dropshipping with AppScenic

Next-generation dropshipping automation app

AppScenic is so much more than your ordinary dropshipping app, it’s also a next-generation dropshipping automation platform.

What does this mean? Well, if you choose to integrate your eBay store with our app, you will also benefit from the following automation features:

  • All your orders get automatically sent to the supplier in real time. This way the supplier will start preparing and delivering your products as fast as possible. 
  • Your inventory, from product prices to stock, is kept in sync in real time with our suppliers. This ensures you won’t sell a product from AppScenic that is not actually in stock or has the wrong price. 
  • Safe automatic payments ensure a smooth and fast process between you and your suppliers. This way you won’t need to keep track of your payments to your suppliers.
  • Shipments management feature that actually imports the tracking numbers to your store automatically.


eBay dropshipping with AppScenic -  

So, did we convince you to connect your eBay store with AppScenic?

If that’s a yes, then integrate your online store with our app now.

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