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Frequently asked questions

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Yes. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Yes, of course. You can switch from monthly to annual payments anytime you like. Also, you can upgrade or downgrade from any type of plan to another. If you need our help you can contact our customer support.

We work with the most popular payment methods in the world.

You can pay your AppScenic subscription via credit card or PayPal and you can pay your orders via Bank transfer, PayPal, Wise, Payoneer, credit card, or Stripe transfer.

We’ve built an innovative wallet system to help you pay your orders automatically with no manual interaction.

Enable your auto-funding setting inside your AppScenic wallet, choose your favorite payment method and we will fund your balance automatically every time you reach a pre-defined threshold.

Also, you can set multiple back-up payment methods so you are always safe.

We offer two types of subscription plans, monthly and yearly.

Our Monthly plans can be terminated at any time. Cancellation for Monthly plans becomes effective at the end of the current billing month.

Our yearly plan can be terminated at the end of each contract year.

No. The free type of account never expires. It’s free to use for as long as you need and of course you can upgrade to any other subscription plan whenever you like.

AppScenic is designed with multiple layers of protection, covering data transfer, encryption, network configuration, and application-level controls, all distributed across a scalable, secure infrastructure.

If you process more than $75,000 in sales per month, we would love to talk about upscaling and growth solutions, including the negotiation of your pricing plans, the sales fee or a custom payments plan.

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