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Handmade Artists Of The World – We Have Your Back

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For a long time dropshipping was all about mass production and low-quality products. We’re happy to say that things have changed and more and more people appreciate handmade products that are only produced in small quantities. 

Here, at AppScenic, we see that a consumer shift is happening as more and more people are willing to choose an item that is made by hand. So, we are glad to say that people are starting to understand the value of handmade products, and just like us, they also want to support all artists that create unique products in their workshops.

Why we all should support handmade artists?

Here are some reasons why handmade matters for us here at AppScenic.

Handmade is about the humans behind the products

Supporting handmade artists in any way we can, and we are not talking only about us, means so much for the community they are part of. We all should embrace the human potential behind a handmade product and give these amazing artists a voice. 

So, we encourage everybody that is reading this article to buy handmade products, as this means celebrating the humans behind them and inspiring future generations to pursue their dream.

Handmade comes with a unique story

At AppScenic we always appreciate a one-of-a-kind story. The artists that create all these amazing products are always leaving a part of them in it. In a way, their art is how they see the world or how they see themselves. And when you buy that product you actually buy a story. Its color, shape or texture will tell you a unique story, one that doesn’t need any words to bring a bit of magic into your world. 

Handmade products are one of a kind 

Every handmade item is unique, even when we’re talking about the same product. There aren’t two handmade items exactly alike. They will always vary in color, shade, texture or shape, and that means every single one is one of a kind. And who doesn’t love that?!?

All these products are coming from the heart

Knowing that every single handmade product comes from the heart is something that should matter for everybody. Nothing can compare with the shop or studio of artists making by hand an item that they deeply believe in. 

Are you a handmade artist? Then here is why you should join AppScenic today

Here are some benefits that make AppScenic a great marketplace for artists like you. 

Sell your products to over 40,000 retailers from all over the world. If you become one of our suppliers you can get your products in front of over 40,000 retailers (shop owners) registered on AppScenic.

It’s 100% free. No hosting costs, no setup fees, sales fees, or other hidden costs are charged. You just need to keep up with the high volume of orders and our quality standards.

You will always get paid on time. We make sure you get paid on time for each order you deliver. So no more cash flow issues or risk of non-payment.

Sell your product everywhere. Ready to go global? Have your products reach millions of potential customers every day via our international network of retailers.

No advertising cost. You can now sell your products with no investment in advertising. Just import your products in AppScenis and leave the rest to us. 

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Now, who doesn’t want their products put in front of over 40,000 retailers from all over the world? With AppScenic all handmade artists can get the exposure they need for their awesome products. 

So, just think about how cool it could be for a huge shop or main street shop to pick your product and decide to resell it. Soon you might need a bigger warehouse or even a small factory to keep up with the volume of orders. 

Does this sound amazing? Then, if you are an artist and have a workshop, or maybe own a local store with physical stock, let’s talk! AppScenic has your back. 

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