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We Support Local Shops And Family-Owned Businesses

AppScenic supports local shops and family-owned businesses -  

The pandemic has changed the way we shop, and we now spend more time online than we ever did before. Online shopping is a preferred method of buying new products for many of us, probably because it’s safer and more convenient. 

But, now more than ever, we need to remember the small local shops and family businesses. So, even if we prefer buying online, we should also look for the local shops around us and beyond. 

Here, at AppScenic, we understand how important small businesses are, not only for their local community but also for companies like us and our customers. And we know how hard small businesses have been hit in the past year by the government lockdowns and other such measures. According to a report done by the Hamilton Project, small business revenues went down 40% and 40% of small businesses closed during the first three months of the pandemic surge in the US. 

We want to help small businesses shine again and even thrive.

Why sell products from small businesses?

Small businesses are owned by people driven by a deep passion, their products are unique and always have a story behind them. People behind these small businesses invent and build some of the most innovative products on the market, products that you cannot find anywhere else. 

By helping them sell their products on AppScenic Marketplace, we can actively support the people behind the family-owned businesses and local shops, acknowledging the fact that their businesses are important to the global economy and our world. 

Why join AppScenic if you own a small business?

AppScenic is where store owners, brands, manufacturers, handmade artists, family-owned businesses, and local shops of all sizes connect, work and sell together to grow their business.

if you are a local shop owner or own a small family business, then this is for you. Here are some benefits of selling your special products on AppScenic. 

You will grow your business fast with an entire distribution channel made of experienced retailers. You only need to make sure you can keep up with the high volume of orders and our quality standards.

Benefit from guaranteed payments when your order is delivered. We only work with highly-rated retailers, so we can make sure you get paid on time for the orders you deliver. That means no more cash flow issues and risk of non-payment.

An easy return process that will protect you and your company from fake and abusive returns. With AppScenic you can ask for photo proof before accepting any type of return. 

Go worldwide with no additional cost. Expose your brand worldwide and reach millions of potential customers every day via our international network of retailers.

You won’t spend money on advertising. We will do that for you, as all orders that you get from us represent 100% free sales that you are not getting charged for.

No infrastructure is needed to grow your business. You won’t pay any hosting costs, setup fees, sales fees, or other hidden costs.



So, if you create new, unique or limited products and own a local store with physical stock (or maybe your products are not yet available to the public), we hope you will choose AppScenic. 

Join us if you are ready to expand your business online and sell more without the struggle and without any additional costs or infrastructure.

Join us now and start selling your products

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