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WooCommerce Integration Is Now Available For Suppliers

WooCommerce is available for suppliers -  

We’re thrilled to announce that WooCommerce integration is now available on AppScenic!

From now on, if you are a supplier or a seller and own a WooCommerce store then you can easily integrate it with our App and have your awesome products listed on AppScenic Marketplace! 

We wanted to make it as easy for you as possible to have your products on our Marketplace, and we know it can be a bit more difficult to upload hundreds of products manually. You can now get your products in front of thousands of retailers and store owners all over the world in just a few clicks. Our WooCommerce integration makes it simple to upload, update, and synchronize your products, all at the same time. 

And this is only the beginning of many more ecommerce integrations announcements to come. 

Why a WooCommerce Integration?

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin made for WordPress by WooThemes developers in 2011. It has become one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world mainly because it can help you transform a WordPress website into an online store without needing too many technical skills. WooCommerce can be ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small to large organizations.

Just to give you an idea of how popular it is, as of January 2021, 4,414,537 live websites are using WooCommerce. It also powers 26% of all ecommerce sites. 

How does it work? Well, you only need to add the WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress site and just like that you can set up a new store. Of course, even though this is a free user-friendly platform, there are other tools, like other plugins or hosting services, you would need to pay for. 

Learn more about WooCommerce

What does a WooCommerce integration mean for suppliers?

Why should you integrate your WooCommerce store with AppScenic and what does that actually mean? Well, there are many amazing advantages when integrating your WooCommerce store with our app. 

WooCommerce integration for suppliers -

First and more importantly, it means that you can get your products from your WooCommerce online store in front of over 40,000 online retailers from all over the world and create new revenue for your business with NO investment and ZERO cost on your side.

Also, all your WooCommerce inventory gets imported to AppScenic Marketplace in just a few seconds, and you get access to our user-friendly platform that’s super easy to use. 

And on top of all, you have our support team every step of the way. We will always have your back and help you achieve all your business goals. 

Here are some more reasons to become our supplier

Now, once you integrate your WooCommerce store with our app, you can sell your products on AppScenic Marketplace, but also benefit from these awesome features:

  • Fast and safe payments – you can choose a preferred payment method and a flexible payment schedule. 
  • Built-in invoicing system – our app automates everything for you, starting with your invoices; you can also download invoices in bulk and have custom reporting.
  • Easy returns & refunds  – you benefit from an advanced returns & refunds process for each case and a smart ticketing system.
  • 24/7 Sync – price and stock are synced between your WooCommerce store and AppScenic in real-time. 


Ready to become a seller on AppScenic? Then integrate your WooCommerce store with our app now

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