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All You Need To Know About AppScenic – The Ultimate Dropshipping Automation Platform

All you need to know about AppScenic -  

When we first envisioned AppScenic, what we wanted the most was to create a platform that can give you all the tools you need to sell everywhere, anytime!

We were dreaming of a platform tfeat connects retailers and suppliers worldwide in a way that will help both of them achieve more on a daily basis with less effort. 

AppScenic is that and so much more today! We even managed to give you a platform that lets you work only with the suppliers closest to your customers. With AppScenic you can ship your products directly from the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. And, from now on, you won’t have to wait up to 40 days for an order to arrive. 

On top of all of that, all our products are of high quality, coming only from top suppliers. And AppScenic will handle all contact with suppliers, including payments.  

Want more reasons to join us? Then keep on reading.

Why choose AppScenic?

AppScenic is the ultimate and most advanced dropshipping solution you can use to grow your online business! 

We’re giving you one platform for everything – manage your team, handle orders and, most importantly, find high-quality scalable products from trusted and top-rated suppliers. 

An all-in-one platform, AppScenic is also next-generation dropshipping automation that gives access to everything you need to build a reliable, scalable, and easy to manage eCommerce business.

From automated orders and inventory sync to a complete and powerful dashboard packed with the most innovative features on the market, we have designed AppScenic with all your dropshipping needs in mind. 

Complete Dropshipping Toolkit-AppScenic -

Not only can you choose from over 1,000,000 high-quality products from all over the world but you can also add products to your store with just one click. More than that, you have instant sync between your product prices and our suppliers.

Now, did we convince you we are worth a try? 

Read on if you want to learn how to set up your AppScenic account and start your dropshipping journey with us today. 

How to create your AppScenic account

Set up your AppScenic Account and start selling in only 5 minutes! It’s that easy!

Step 1. Create an account with only your email. No credit card is required and no setup fees.

Click on the Try for free button on the right upper corner of this page (or any of our pages).

Then simply fill out the form and sign up with an email address or using your Google account. 

You only need to add your name and choose a password. Is that simple! 

Step 2. You can now connect your store using our built-in integrations. Choose from our available integrations and connect your store in seconds. 

Step 3. Time to add products to your store automatically in bulk or one by one. You can start selling right away with automated orders.

And that’s all, you are all set to start your dropshipping journey!

How does the ordering process actually work?

Here is how the ordering process works:

Step 1. An order is placed by your customer. We automatically import orders from your store straight into our platform almost instantly.

Step 2. That order is sent to the supplier that is close to the location of your customer. The order is processed and shipped by that supplier as soon as possible.

Step 3. A tracking number is updated. We automatically import the tracking number(s) to your store.

Step 4. The order is delivered. Usually, the order should be delivered in a few days after it gets shipped by the supplier. 

Isn’t it easy?

Have more questions? We got your back

Still have questions about AppScenic, our team or our services? Then reach out anytime and our experts will answer all your questions. 

We know people make a difference, that’s why we offer full support for all our customers. We are here to help anytime you need via live chat, email or schedule a call.

  • For live chat, click anytime you want on the icon in the bottom-right corner of all our pages.
  • If you prefer sending us an email through our contact form, then click here
  • You can also read our extensive documentation on our Knowledge Base.


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