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Best Low-Ticket Products With High Profits To Dropship (Bonus: 10 Product Examples)

Best low-ticket products to dropship -  

Low-ticket products are the underdogs of dropshipping as many retailers don’t want to consider selling such products. For a beginner and even for an experienced dropshipper it can be sometimes overwhelming to find the right product to sell. 

Well, we are here to tell you that low-ticket products can be great products to sell. The best dropshipping product is one that is profitable and has high margins. Low-ticket dropshipping products can be all that and more. They are also easy to start with, maintain, and grow.

These are some of the points we are going to explain below. Besides explaining what a low-ticket product is, how you can find one and why to sell such a product, we will also show you some of the best low-ticket dropshipping product examples.

Ready? Let’s start. 

What is a low-ticket dropshipping product?

Well, low-ticket products are essentially some of the cheapest items you can dropship. Most experts in dropshipping define low-ticket products as the ones you can purchase with a price between $0 and $50 from your dropshipping supplier. 

Of course, that’s just one way to see a low-ticket product, as there isn’t actually a set price for such products, so it’s up to you how you define it. But for the purpose of this article, we will only discuss products in this price range. 

Just keep in mind that low-ticket products are often cheap, small and simple to deliver and deposit. Often low-ticket products come from product categories such as jewelry, small electronic devices, simple toys or accessories. 

Why sell low-ticket products?

Well, as you probably figured out from the title of this article, some of these low-ticket products can bring you high-profit margins. In other words, dropshipping low-ticket profits can be very profitable. 

What is a margin, you may ask? That’s the difference between the wholesale or initial cost of an item (the one your supplier has) and the price you actually sell in your store. This is what actually pays for all your business’s expenses. 

So, higher margins are what make your business profitable. And low-cost products like the low-ticket ones make for great profit margins if you are smart when you make your price. 

Before getting into some valid reasons to start dropshipping low-ticket items, here’s a great example. Let’s say, on one side, you have a high ticket product that cost $300 at your supplier and you have an RRP of $375. This means you will have a $75 profit and a 20% profit margin. So, you will invest $1 to make $1.25 back. 

Now, on the other side, you have a $6 product (low-ticket item) that you decide to sell for $24. Even though this will only give an $18 profit per item, you will have a huge 75% profit margin. And in the end, it means you will invest $1 to make $4 back. 

How awesome is that?

How do you know you found the right low-ticket product?

If you’re here for the short answer, then you need to know that a good low-ticket product has to be profitable and provide good margins, as said above. It should also make it easy for you to handle, maintain and grow. 

Now, for the long answer, here are a few basic but important aspects the right (and profitable) low-ticket products need to have in order to be successful. 

Needs to bring you a decent profit margin

Of course, this is the first thing you need to keep in mind – the products you dropship need to have a decent profit margin. 

Many dropshippers don’t believe a low-ticket product can bring you any profits. And that’s correct for many of these types of products, as a low-priced product won’t necessarily mean high-profit margins.

So, what’s the trick? Well, you need to find those low-ticket products that have a high perceived value. If you find the right type of low-priced product, you probably can sell it relatively easily for $15 or more.

Another way to increase your profits is to look for it on different suppliers’ platforms and choose the one that has the best prices for the product you are looking for.

Or, you can try selling these low-cost products in packs of 5 or 10 and these can guarantee a bigger profit. So, even if your product is $10, if you sell it in packs these actually will increase your revenue. 

Comes with lots of accessories

Now, let’s imagine you found a low-ticket product that was $7 to buy from the supplier and you decided to sell it in your store for $17. This only leaves you with a profit margin of $10. Depending on what other expenses you have, this amount can be enough or not.

But what if you can add lots and lots of accessories to that product? Well, choosing a product with complementary accessories means extra profits by upselling your customers. 

This could definitely add extra value (or extra profit) to your store and can help your dropshipping business in the long run.

Has no local availability

What does this mean? Products that are not easy to find in your area are some of the most successful ones out there. How come? Well, who will buy your low-ticket product and wait for a couple of days to have it when they could simply go to the local shop and buy it right away? 

Of course, you can sell a product that could also be found locally but make sure it brings something new to the table, such as a better price or some new unique characteristics.

So, keep in mind to check the low-ticket product’s local availability before deciding if you should sell it or not in your store. Or think about what you can bring to the market? Maybe the product you go for comes in a different color, its package is sustainable or it’s made only from natural ingredients. 

Best low-ticket products with high profits

Here are some low-ticket dropshipping products you can sell in your store. 

Kids toys (such as plush toys)

Best low-ticket products to dropship - plush toys -

Toys can be great additions to your store. Among them, you can find some great low-ticket items, for example, plush toys, that are always trending among kids. 

Why sell kids’ toys?

Toys will always be on-trend, these are timeless products. Children will always want to play with toys, so as long as there are kids around, you will always have success by selling toys. Of course, as long as you market them accordingly. 

What kind of toys to sell?

Choice toys that can be easily shipped, such as plush toys. These types of toys can be easily shipped, can’t harm anyone (as they are so soft), and they are perfect for both young and older kids.

Average Margin: $10-$30

Vlogging accessories (such as phone tripods)

Best low-ticket products to dropship - vlogging -

Vlogging has become a popular activity these days, so popular that almost everyone does it. If in the past, blogging and written content were the way to get the attention of the public, now vlogging and video are how you get people to notice you. That’s why vlogging accessories can be great low-ticket products to sell in your store. 

Why sell vlogging accessories?

As said above, if you have the right audience, in vlogging that can be almost everyone, you can’t fail if you choose to sell vlogging accessories. As new phones and cameras are produced all the time, accessories also need to be updated. These accessories can be large or small, and most of them are easy to pack and ship. 

What kind of vlogging accessories to sell?

Try to keep up with the latest updates in the industry and sell video accessories for popular smartphones, such as iPhone or Samsung, for example, phone tripods. Also, add vlogging accessories for popular cameras, such as Canon and Sony. 

Average Margin: $20-$40


Best low-ticket products to dropship - sunglasses -

Sunglasses are those fashion accessories that will always be great to have in your store if you sell fashion products. And if you find the right supplier, they are also great low-ticket products that can give you high margins. 

Why sell fashion sunglasses?

First, sunglasses can bring you high margins with the right supplier. Also, there are lots of suppliers available that offer these fashion accessories, which only means you can pick and choose the one that suits your online store the best. 

What kind of sunglasses to sell?

You should either go big and sell all types of sunglasses, for kids, women and men or search for a supplier that creates and sells unique, high-quality sunglasses that you can resell for a greater price. 

Average Margin: $3-$20

Halloween costumes & decorations

Best low-ticket products to dropship - halloween -

If you’re selling to customers that live in countries where Halloween is a big holiday, then Halloween costumes and masks are great low-ticket products. 

Why sell Halloween costumes and decorations

Seasonal products, all Halloween items, such as costumes, can do wonders for your store during the autumn season. They are easy to ship and if you don’t sell your full stock in one year you can always next year. 

So, if you find the right wholesale supplier with the hottest costumes on the market and some Halloween decorations too, your store will be a hit during this holiday.

What kind of Halloween products to sell?

Unique and fun costumes, one-of-a-kind masks, and, of course, handmade decorations for Halloween. The idea is to choose products that will help your store stand out during this holiday, as the competition can be quite big.

Average Margin: $10-$45


Best low-ticket products to dropship - Jewelry -

Jewelry is one of the best low-ticket products you can sell. There are so many options you can choose from, like watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more, which actually means that you can sell to customers of all ages and styles. 

Why sell jewelry?

Well, it’s easy to sell jewelry and they are always in demand. Also, you can sell unisex jewelry, which means your audience can be almost anyone. 

What kind of jewelry to sell?

There are so many types of jewelry out there, for every style and genre, but there’s also a lot of competition, so the best way is to find a supplier that manufactures handmade and unique jewelry. 

Average Margin: $5-$35

Sleepwear and underwear

Best low-ticket products to dropship - sleepwear -

Sleepwear is more than just those clothes you wear when you sleep. These days sleepwear is something you can also wear all day, every day. So, why not add these items to your store if your customers are into fashion and clothing. 

Why sell sleepwear and underwear?

Once you find the right supplier, sleepwear & underwear can mean a high margin for your store. And designer sleepwear can even translate into a higher profit than the other ones. 

What kind of sleepwear and underwear to sell?

Choose a supplier that offers a vast range of pajamas (from silk to cotton) ideal for customers to wear all day. You can even center your entire store on sleep and homeware products, from pajamas and slippers to leggings and cozy clothes. 

Average Margin: $5-$25

Pet products (such as floppy fish cat toys)


Pets products are among the most successful low-ticket items right now. Why? Well, everyone has a pet or knows somebody who has a pet, and that means your audience is huge. And, on top of everything, people treat their pets just as any other family member. 

Why sell pet care products?

As long as you find the right supplier with high-quality products and market your product accordingly (to get your product in front of the right people), your pet care store is guaranteed to be a successful one. You can add a lot of pet care products as there are many sub-niches so that you can have something for every pet parent out there. 

What kind of pet products to sell?

You should try to add all kinds of low-ticket pet products and cover as many sub-niches as possible, from pet care products to pet toys and other pet supplies. 

Average Margin: $5-$50


Best low-ticket products to dropship - candles -

Many think candles are only great to sell as gifts, but that’s not true anymore. For some time now, candles are loved by everyone and are part of their weekly shopping list. So, all these means that candles are great as low-ticket products. 

Why sell candles? 

Well, candle suppliers are easy to find and you can market them both as gifts (they are often popular gift choices) and as products that can give your house a warmer vibe.  

What kind of candles to sell?

Try and find suppliers that can offer a wide range of home fragrance products, from classic colorful candles to scented candles. Look to add candle accessories too, such as candle holders, and other types of home fragrances, such as home perfume diffusers.

Average Margin: $5-$15

Phone Accessories


Mobile phones are part of our daily life, we take our phones everywhere and most of us depend on our phones for everything. So why not add phone accessories to your store and tap this huge niche too?

Why sell phone accessories? 

Selling phone accessories will open up your store to every phone owner in your region, which means you can access a huge audience and target them accordingly. Also, new phones are released every year which means that people will always be interested in buying new accessories for their phones based on how fast they update their phones. 

What kind of phone accessories to sell?

Try to find unique, creative cell phone accessories suppliers that are also small and compact, such as unique, high-quality phone cases that will make every phone a piece of art. 

Average Margin: $3-$15


As you can see dropshipping low-ticket products can be a great idea for both beginners and experienced ecommerce store owners. Everyone can start and grow a successful dropshipping store by selling low-ticket products!

Now, we hope that this article will inspire you to dropship low-ticket products and our product ideas will be a great starting point. 

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