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How to Drive Traffic to Your Dropshipping Website with Content Marketing


In 2023 the eCommerce market will continue to grow and is expected to reach $6.3 trillion. Marketers worldwide focus their efforts on reaching more audiences online and capturing their interest. So, if you find yourself thinking about how you can drive more traffic to your dropshipping website, the answer is eCommerce content marketing.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the essentials of successful eCommerce content strategies and share helpful tactics to increase traffic.

What is Ecommerce Content Marketing? 

By definition, eCommerce content marketing is a set of strategies aimed at using online content to lure prospects to your website and convince them to purchase your products.

Content marketing for eCommerce includes creating and sharing a plethora of content that can attract, engage, educate, and convert your potential customers. It focuses on guiding and supporting customers with helpful content throughout their journey. Content marketing isn’t about pushing prospects or bombarding them with ads. On the contrary, such an approach helps create meaningful relationships between a brand and a customer where the latter feels valued.

Why Should Dropshipping Companies Use Content Marketing

Quality content is the key to engaging your prospects, describing the value of your product, and making people trust your brand.

Eighty percent of marketers believe creating high-quality content is vital for a successful marketing strategy. Among the top reasons to use a content strategy for eCommerce are:

  • increased trust
  • better relationships with customers
  • improved search engine visibility
  • higher brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • boosted lead generation
  • enhanced conversions

9 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Dropshipping Website with Content Marketing 

To reap the results, your dropshipping business needs a guiding map with effective strategies. In this blog, we’ve singled out the top 9 tactics to try if you want to see high traffic and better conversion rates.

Create Engaging Blog Posts 

Blog posts are great for both capturing attention of your customers and educating them, rather than outright promoting a product. You can communicate with your audience through blogging and appeal to their pain points. By doing so, you can build a close rapport between your customers and your brand. You can share stories about your company, share helpful guides, ask questions in various quizzes, share insights about products, etc. 

A great example of engaging blogging is an eCommerce website called Beardbrand, which sells beard products and tools. On their website, you can find the page ‘Learn’ with a range of useful info, including:

  • personal story of a founder about him growing a beard
  • quizzes about beard styles
  • stories about their environmentally-friendly products packaging and ways to be sustainable while giving the packing a second life
  • guides on how to grow a beard, a moustache, and hair
  • articles about lifestyle relevant to the brand’s audience




Utilize Social Media Channels

More and more users turn to social media channels to browse and research products online. For this reason, a successful content strategy for eCommerce usually involves various social media tactics that help to redirect traffic to the dropshipping website. 

You can reach your audience and promote your brand differently based on the type of your product and the social media channel you choose:

  • Instagram is one of the best platforms to connect with your audience through appealing visuals. You can win the hearts of your audience with mind-blowing pictures of your product, looping videos your visitor will watch on repeat, and make a 24/7 presence with Instagram stories.
  • Facebook is another great social media platform to become more visible and attract more traffic with informative pictures, links to explainer videos, and blog posts.
  • Videos on Youtube differ from those on Instagram. They are usually longer, which allows you to showcase your brand and products. Upload unpackaging videos, how-to videos, expert interviews, and case studies.
  • TikTok is a relatively new social media that can be extremely beneficial for promoting your products to a younger audience. TikTok users turn to this platform instead of regular search engines and expect to find videos that are both entertaining and informative. Your TikTok page may include various tutorials with your products, show videos with trending looks, etc.

Track your marketing metrics and analyze them to see which channels and types of content bring your dropshipping website the most traffic. You can also add QR codes to social media profiles, enabling easy access to specific website content or promotions while also providing measurable data on engagement and conversion rates, allowing for effective performance tracking and analysis. This will help you to scale your successful campaigns in the future.

Analyze your Competitors

When you don’t know where to start with marketing an eCommerce website, try examining what competing brands are doing. Knowing your competitors can help you develop your own roadmap for content marketing. 

Examine their keywords, blog posts, and videos. Take a look at their marketing channels, and analyze their cross-channel strategy. Get inspired and use the same marketing tactics. Also, pay attention to what your competitors lack in their content, and fill this gap on your website.

SEO Optimize Your Website for Organic Search 

Dropshipping websites can drive organic traffic by increasing visibility via Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps relevant content get ranked higher by search engines so it gets more exposure. Also, since SEO content is based on what people are looking for, such content brings high conversion.

To do SEO, you need to optimize the content on your website, research keywords and include them on your page, write blog posts on the most researched topics and improve website speed. There are various tools that can help you measure your website page rank and suggest ways to increase it.

One more SEO aspect that will help you promote your dropshipping website is link building. Placing links to your website on other sites will not only help it rank higher but also attract some additional traffic. 

Consider guest posting as a tactic to build your brand awareness and authority. Writing articles for other websites as a thought leader is a great way to attract new audiences.

Use Video to Build Your Brand Character

Around 90% of marketers say that video increases lead generation. These stats, along with 9 out of 10 people hoping to see more videos from brands, make video content a non-negotiable tactic if you want to drive more traffic to your dropshipping website. Videos help break the ice, captivate viewers’ interest, humanize your brand, and foster trust-based relationships with customers.

Depending on what product you sell, certain videos will work better for marketing an eCommerce website. Among the top three videos bringing the best results are: social media videos, explainer videos, and presentation videos. Make sure that you choose your style and keep it throughout your video content.  Animated video makers are a great way to create engaging and visually appealing videos for your dropshipping website. They can be used to create explainer videos, product demos, and even social media videos.

A seller of homebrewing equipment, Northern Brewer, has a Youtube page with helpful explainer videos, various recipes, product demonstrations, and reviews. 




As a dropshipping company, you have more time to bring extra value to a product with engaging videos, as you don’t have to focus on production or delivery.

Include Social Proof Throughout Your Site 

Another proven content strategy for eCommerce is supporting your brand with reviews, feedback, and testimonials. Your current customers talking and sharing their experience with your brand is a great way to improve brand authority. 

It is great to motivate your customers to leave pictures and videos of your product, as well as add their success stories about how your product helped them. 

Don’t be scared if a customer leaves a bad review on your site. Use this opportunity to reach them and solve the matter. This way, your potential customers will feel safe knowing your refund and return policies work.

Create Evergreen Content for Every Stage of the Buyer Journey 

Successful content marketing for eCommerce should also include evergreen content. This is the type of SEO content that remains relevant for a long period of time, regardless of the current news or trends. 

With evergreen content, you can educate your audience at every stage of their purchasing journey. For example, if you sell solar panels, your evergreen content may include informational articles on why to buy solar panels, how solar panels can support your CSR strategy, and how to choose the right one. Also, you may have a listicle on the top solar panels describing their differences. Finally, you may have several blog posts with infographics or explainer videos about solar panel installation: some tips and tricks. This will ensure that your content supports customers before, during, and after making a purchasing decision.

Ensure Your Content Is Visually Appealing

Last but not least, make sure your content is pleasing to look at. When it comes to content marketing for eCommerce, visuals play a crucial role. You may write an informative article, but if it’s not scannable and lacks great images, it won’t do the trick. 

The same goes for videos. No matter how interesting your video is, if the quality is bad, no one will want to watch it. Keep in mind that you only have 15 seconds to grab customers’ attention, and capturing content is the way to go.

Partner with Influencers and Experts

One in four marketers uses influencer marketing. Influencers speak to a specific audience united by similar values and beliefs. Their connection is based on trust. When an influencer or an expert shares some product, their audience is likely to base their purchasing decision on this feedback or recommendation. 

Find influencers in your niche and collaborate with them to boost your content strategy for eCommerce. When choosing a channel for influencer marketing, you can check your marketing dashboards to see where most of the traffic comes from.

Wrapping up

E-commerce content marketing creates endless opportunities for dropshipping businesses to reach more audiences. By creating relevant and valuable content that meets the needs of your customers, you can bring more prospects to your website. And if you need help with automating your marketing efforts, we’re here to help you optimize your work, while you can focus on creativity and planning future strategies.


About the author:

Nadia Basaraba is a Marketing Specialist at, a data analytics and automation platform. She’s passionate about content creation and data-driven marketing. Apart from experimenting with marketing tactics, she’s an avid reader and traveller.

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