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How To Launch Your Own Dropshipping Program

How to launch your own dropshipping program -  

Are you a retailer or online store owner and also manufacture your own products?  Or do you own a warehouse and want to have your products sold by other retailers in their online stores?

Then this article is for you. You can now start your own dropshipping program with AppScenic for FREE.

How? Well, read on and you will find out.

But, why should you start your own dropshipping program?

Well, if you launch your own dropshipping program it actually means other retailers will sell your products in their online stores. This will let you focus more on making high-quality products or even finding new ways to improve your current range. 

In other words, you will become a supplier for other retailers and this also means free advertising and customer support. How come? Well, your products will be sold by other store owners (we call them also dropshippers) and they will need to do ads for these products to attract customers to their store. They will also need to provide support whenever their customers have any questions or issues. 

So, by starting a dropshipping program and becoming a supplier you let others sell my products with no extensive effort on my side, no infrastructure cost, no advertising cost, or no customer service extra cost. 

What do you need to start a dropshipping program?

To start a dropshipping program you first need to find the following:

  • A platform or software that can assist you throughout the entire dropshipping process, from product sync to auto-ordering. There is no better or more efficient way to dropship in 2023 than automate the entire process.
  • Resellers or retailers that can dropship your items. If you can’t find resellers fast, you will lose a lot of time and energy in finding them and may even need to spend money on advertising for retailers to know about your dropshipping program.


Now, don’t lose hope, there are solutions for all of these, so read on.

Sell your products on a platform like AppScenic

Well, AppScenic gives you access to a dropshipping automation platform and tens of thousands of retailers that can resell your products. And that’s why choosing AppScenic can be a great idea.  

Think about AppScenic as an awesome distribution channel for your products. With a network of over 40,000 retailers that are looking for new products to resell in their online stores, AppScenic is also a full dropshipping automation platform that easily connects your inventory and store to your resellers.

So, selling your products on AppScenic Marketplace means you will be making them accessible to thousands of experienced retailers from all over the world. They in turn become your prospects and, hopefully, customers, once they import and publish your products in their own stores. 

Now, essentially you will become an AppScenic Supplier. Once you are approved as one of our suppliers, our platform takes care of everything, you only need to make sure you offer high-quality products and can process and ship them as fast as possible.

So, these are the most important benefits when selling your products on AppScenic:

  • You will grow your business at an international level at zero cost
  • You can sell your products to a network of retailers from all over the world
  • Your products will be reaching millions of potential customers every day, getting huge exposure
  • You get a unique opportunity to grow your online sales without investing in the infrastructure
  • Free advertising, as being on AppScenic actually offers 100% free organic sales
  • You have guaranteed payments once your order is delivered
  • Full automation platform, from products and stock sync to automated invoices.


Why launch your own dropshipping program -

Sounds too good to be true? We know, but we guarantee all is true. You won’t pay any hosting costs, setup fees, sales fees, or other hidden costs. 

Just make sure you can keep up with the high volume of orders and our top-quality standards. 

How does the selling process work on AppScenic?

Well, as we said already, you will actually become a supplier on AppScenic. This means that after you get approved as a supplier, setup your Account with us and add your products in our marketplace, here’s how the selling process will look:

  1. Once you receive orders on your AppScenic Supplier Account, you have to process and ship them to the specified address as soon as possible. 
  2. Even before the order request is sent to you, we already received the payment in full for the entire order. This is what guarantees that the order is legit.
  3. After you have shipped the order and added the tracking number to that order on the AppScenic Account, you will receive 100% full amount of the order according to a predefined weekly schedule. 
  4. The order is set as complete when it’s shipped and the shipping days and return days have passed. You can configure the shipping days and return days in your AppScenic Account. 


Seems quite straightforward, right? If you still have questions, just reach out to our Support Team by clicking on the chat icon placed on the bottom right side of all our pages. 

How to get started?

So, want to start your own dropshipping program and become a Supplier on AppScenic? That’s great, you only need to follow these next easy steps.

Register for a Supplier Account

First, you need to register here as a supplier. It takes less than 2 minutes and you only need to add your email and name. You will receive an email from us with the next steps to follow.

Setup your Business Profile

Click on the link you receive via email from us, and start setting up your Supplier Account on AppScenic.

You will need to configure your Business Profile, Shipping Settings, and Returns Policy, then import your products to AppScenic, and add your payment details.

Check out these video tutorials for setting up your Supplier Account on AppScenic.

Import your products

As this is one of the most important steps in setting up your Supplier Account with us, we want to make sure you know that there are two ways you can import and add your products to AppScenic Marketplace:

  • By using one of our built-in integrations for Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • By using the Online Feeds tool to upload your products manually. 


After you finish setting up all these steps, we will try to get you approved in less than 24h as we know how important is to start selling your products on our marketplace. 

AppScenic for Suppliers -

Now, once you get the email from us that you have been approved, your products will be added to our catalogue and over 40,000 store owners and retailers around the world will have access to them. 

How will you get paid?

The final step when setting up your Supplier Account is to add your preferred payment method, and you can choose from Bank transfers (USD, EUR, GBP), Stripe transfers, Wise (formerly TransferWise), or Paypal. This is how you will get the money for your orders on AppScenic. 

You will get the full amount for every order according to a predefined weekly schedule once that order is complete.

The order is complete after it has been shipped and the shipping days and return days have passed. 

You can configure these Shipping Days and Return Days when you setup your AppScenic Account. 

Now, here’s an example of how the payment date can be calculated: 

Let’s say you shipped your order on August 10, and it takes 2 days for the order to arrive, and the customer can return it in 15 days. 

Then the estimated payment date would be: 10 August + 2 days + 15 days = 27 August

If you want your payment sooner, then that can also be possible, but not in the beginning. We need some time to get to know you and make sure you can keep up with the high volume of orders, shipping times, and deliver only high-quality products. 

Ready to launch your own dropshipping program with AppScenic? 

So, do you want to have your products in front of over 40,000 retailers from all over the world? 

Join our network of dropshipping and wholesale suppliers now

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