Find high ticket products for dropshipping. Explore our top suppliers.

Want to try high ticket dropshipping and start selling high ticket products from top suppliers?

AppScenic has a unique range of premium dropshipping and wholesale products from fast and reliable suppliers able to ship directly from USA, EU, UK, CA, AUS, and beyond.

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Ready to dropship high ticket products such as home improvement items, kitchen appliances or the latest tech gadgets? Or just want to add new premium products to your online store?

AppScenic product catalogue includes a huge range of high ticket products, from kitchen islands to espresso machines and massage chairs, and many other unique and premium items. All our dropshipping and wholesale products are ready to be fast shipped by reliable suppliers located in USA, EU, UK, CA, AUS, and beyond. And once you are connected to AppScenic, you can have our App do everything for you – from importing to syncing products, orders, payments, or tracking numbers, and so much more.
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Search, browse and import high ticket items

Discover thousands of high-ticket products that can help you grow a premium online store.

Unique high ticket products
AppScenic product catalogue includes everything you might need for building a high ticket products store: gadgets and tech supplies, home and garden items or high-end bikes, among others.
Multiple sub-categories

Discover a wide range of high ticket dropshipping and wholesale products for customers who only want the best of the best on the market.

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"Appscenic has given us a new level of control and management over our stock, pricing and actually all our dropshipping operations."

Anne-Marie Jameson

Gardening | Store owner
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Reliable high ticket products suppliers from USA, CA, EU, UK, AUS and more

All our high ticket products suppliers are following our high-quality standards.  Join us now and start working with some of the fastest and reliable suppliers from top-tier countries.

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How to start dropshipping high ticket products

1. Create an account

You only need your email to create an account. No credit card required. No setup fees involved.

2. Connect your store

Simply connect your store using our built-in apps for Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. It was never easier to start dropshipping.

3. Import products

Add furniture products to your store automatically in bulk or one by one. Start selling right away with automated orders.

Explore other popular dropshipping niches

We work with both new or established e-commerce businesses that are looking to manage or launch a successful online store on any niche.

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