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Is Dropshipping With Doba Worth It?

Is dropshipping with Doba worth it -  

Doba is a dropshipping platform that provides multiple integrations and has created quite a buzz around its services and products this last year. So, is Doba worth it? That is exactly what we are going to help you find out. 

We’re going to take you through how Doba works, what are its pros and cons, what other users say about it, is Doba for you and how come AppScenic can be a better alternative for you. 

Here we go. 

What is Doba exactly?

Well, just as AppScenic, Doba connects retailers or store owners like you with suppliers all over the world. The platform also offers important features and integrations that will help you list and sell products on various ecommerce platforms. 

As you probably already know, dropshipping can definitely help your ecommerce business grow, but only if you have access to reliable suppliers with high-quality products. And that’s quite difficult to find. 

Now, Doba states it has a huge selection of products from many suppliers, but let’s start with how does Doba works?

How does it work?

Doba works exactly like other dropshipping platforms on the market, you start by setting up an account, and then begin searching for products and suppliers. Here are some important steps so you understand how it works. 

  1. After you setup your account, you can start searching for products on the Doba marketplace. You can do that in multiple ways, from your dashboard, from the find suppliers tab on the right, or the most common way, by browsing their product catalogue. 
  2. Now, you need to choose the products you like and add them to your inventory list. 
  3. Then you can export all those products (together with all their details, like pictures, prices, or descriptions) to your online store. 
  4. The next step is to start selling products and then pay Doba for those specific products. This is a step that is common for all platforms as you need to pay for the product after you sell it and not before. 
  5. Now it’s when the supplier gets notified, starts preparing the products and ships them to your customer. 
  6. The profits you made on these products are now deposited into your account. 


So, as you can see dropshipping with Doba is quite similar to other apps, but let’s see now what are some of the pros and cons, according to retailers that already used it.

Pros and cons

Doba is easy to use and has useful features that can help your ecommerce business. Of course, there are quite a few cons too. So, here are the main pros and cons we have found after doing some research and reading what other retailers had to say after using it for a certain time. 


  • The platform or app is quite user-friendly, so this means is easy to browse and use;
  • It provides educational resources so you can learn how to grow fast and how to use the platform;
  • The app lets you customize your inventory so you can have access to it at any time;
  • Low inventory alerts stop you from over-selling
  • It offers the option to try the platform for free so you can see if it’s the best choice for you;
  • It’s easy to upload or export products from Doba to your online store.


  • It’s not a cheap platform, and a paid subscription ranges from $29-$249 per month – this makes Doba one of the most expensive options for dropshipping worldwide;
  • Retailers complain that products are quite expensive, even though Doba states they offer low dropshipping prices for its products; but users said it’s very difficult to find products with a good price that can compete against other platforms;
  • It’s difficult to get in touch with suppliers and create a direct working relationship;
  • The shipping times are quite long for some products;
  • Poor customer services;
  • The general opinions and reviews about Doba are quite negative. 


Now, if you want to have a look at what exactly dropshippers who have already used Doba have to say, then we recommend checking Trustpilot and Sitejabber for yourself. Once you click on Trustpilot you will see they only have a poor score of 2.6 and on Sitejabber they are rated even lower – only 1.35 stars.

Reading through some of the Doba users’ reviews you will see that most of them complain exactly about what we have pointed out above – the high prices of products, very poor customer support, and very long shipping times. 

You can also search on Google for Doba reviews to check what other people say after they’ve tried it. 

Is Doba for you?

Well, that depends, of course. Yes, Doba is an easy-to-use dropshipping platform for finding suppliers and products, or so they say. The platform also says it provides live customer support which is always useful and means a lot these days. 

But, on the other hand, dropshippers who use it say it can be difficult to contact suppliers directly and start a certain working relationship. For many retailers, this can be what makes their store successful or not. Also, as stated above, there are many dropshippers that complain about their customer services and high product prices with no margin and long shipping times. And all of this for memberships that can get quite expensive for their higher-tier plans.

What we can say after looking at what they have to offer and what other retailers had to say, is that Doba doesn’t seem to be what they claim to be. Their high membership fees and product prices that can’t compete on major marketplaces represent a risk that not all can afford to make it. And the fact that you cannot count on their support team to help you should also raise some questions before testing it.

Now, does Doba’s usability and ease of exporting products are enough for you? That’s up to you, but as we always say, maybe the best way to see for yourself how Doba works is to try it for free and check if the pros outweigh the cons. 

Looking for an alternative dropshipping tool?

If you decide you do want to try another dropshipping tool, one that’s better than Oberlo or AliExpress, then we recommend doing your homework about that too. Read the reviews, start with a free account if you are not sure and see for yourself what platform works for your dropshipping needs. 

Why choose AppScenic? Well, even if we are new on the market, AppScenic was built by experts in ecommerce and dropshipping. We knew what retailers need and what was missing from the market, and we built AppScenic to fill all the gaps in this market.


If you are looking for a platform that has it all, then AppScenic is the choice for you. In fact, AppScenic has everything you need to start a dropshipping business. It’s a next-generation dropshipping platform that gives you access to top and fast suppliers and a catalog of unique, premium products. 

All the suppliers on AppScenic can ship products directly from the USA, Europe, Canada, etc. That means you won’t have to wait up to 40 days for an order to arrive like it happens when you choose other dropshipping platforms.

And on top of everything, once your store is connected with AppScenic, our app automates everything for you, from importing and syncing products to orders, payments, tracking numbers and so much more. And, amazing enough, AppScenic comes with subscription plans for every budget. 

If you only want to test the dropshipping business, you can choose to start with a Free Account that lets you import 500 products and connect one store. 

Ready to give AppScenic a try?

Then you can register now and see for yourself if our platform is right for you. 

To help you start dropshipping with AppScenic right away, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide and a few short how-to videos to setup your account with us in just a few easy steps.

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