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Quality and Information Security policy

APPSCENIC LTD is a competent, operative, dynamic, customer-oriented company with the
following areas of activity:
⮚ 62012 – Business and domestic software development
⮚ Software development, e-commerce automation platforms and the provision of related
maintenance services
For us, the quality and safety of the products and services offered is very important, so we
respect the following principles:
⮚ the satisfaction of all interested parties, including our clients, by identifying and
respecting their requirements
⮚ development of software projects and offering optimal solutions in compliance
with security requirements
⮚ the professionalism of our employees by maintaining the team spirit, involvement,
dynamism, availability, professional training and regular trainings
⮚ protection of information against unauthorized operations, ensuring the accuracy
and continuous protection of information, availability of information when needed
⮚ compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements
Our mission: Change the landscape of the dropshipping e-commerce world
Our vision: Building the future of eCommerce!

To accomplish this mission, we designed and implemented an Integrated Quality
Management and Information Security Management System, in accordance with ISO 9001:
2015 and BS EN ISO-IEC 27001:2017.

This integrated system provides us with the framework for setting goals and increasing the
trust of customers, authorities and other stakeholders by:
⮚ continuous adaptation of our software products and services to customer
⮚ continuous alignment with the applicable regulatory requirements applied to e-
⮚ reporting by each employee to any non-compliance, incident occurred during the
⮚ eliminating the causes that lead to non-conformities, thus reducing the costs of non-
⮚ permanent training of the employed staff and its motivation in view of raising the
professional level leading to the increase of the quality of the products and service
⮚ periodic analysis of data and information in order to continuously improve the
effectiveness of the integrated system;
⮚ implementation of control in accordance with ISO 27001: 2017 to prevent and
minimize the impact of information security incidents, ensuring the recovery of IT
services and creating the necessary conditions for the continuity of the organization’s

⮚ defining business continuity plans, maintaining and testing them for effectiveness;
⮚ providing Information Security courses for all employees involved in the process;
⮚ reporting all current or suspected information security incidents to managers and
investigating and treating them;
⮚ developing specific policies and procedures to support this policy;
⮚ creating and maintaining the documents and registration necessary for the
effectiveness of the functionalities of the integrated management system;
⮚ fulfilling the objectives of information quality and security, respectively following
and monitoring the established indicators.
As General Manager of these companies I assume direct responsibility and I undertake:
⮚ to be guaranteed the quality and safety of all software products and services offered;
⮚ to ensure the fulfillment of the requirements and needs of the relevant stakeholders;
⮚ to create the framework for establishing the quality and security objectives of the
information that is compatible with the context and strategy of the company;
⮚ to support other relevant managerial roles in demonstrating the leadership that applies
in their area of ​​responsibility;
⮚ to establish a communication channel regarding the importance of an efficient quality
management and of the efficient management of the information security and of
compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements;
⮚ to support a preventive thinking by evaluating and treating the risks that may affect
the information and the organization, reviewing these risks as a result of the
materialization of external or internal threats;
⮚ to ensure the necessary resources for the implementation of the Integrated
Management System;
⮚ to ensure that the integrated management system achieves its expected results;
⮚ to create the framework for the continuous improvement of the Integrated

Management System through measures for monitoring and evaluating the
performances of the actions taken.

This policy is public and communicated to all interested parties by posting on the web-site and
through the communication channels of the organization.

Date: 15-Mar-2021

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