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How To Automate Your Shopify Store For Dropshipping

How to automate your Shopify store for dropshipping -  

We all want more time, either because we want to spend it on tasks that we enjoy more or just because we want to have more time with our family. Well, that’s why you need to automate your dropshipping business, so you can actually spend time on the things that you love more, like selling and engaging with your audience. 

That’s why we’ve decided to write this article, so we can take you through why you need to automate your dropshipping business and how you can do that using a dropshipping app. All so that you can do more with less time. 

But first things first, what is automated dropshipping? This is when you use technology or an app to do recurrent tasks that in another world a human would need to do when running a dropshipping business. By not having to do all these “boring” tasks you can focus on what’s more important for your business, such as marketing or customer support. 

As there are many automated tools and apps out there, in this article, we will only talk about the ways you can automate your Shopify store (as Shopify is the preferred platform for dropshippers worldwide) by using a dropshipping app.

So, let’s start.

Why automate your dropshipping store?

Now, before getting into the ways you can automate your Shopify store for dropshipping, let’s see what are the main reasons you should start doing that as soon as possible. 

1. You will have more time for other important tasks

As they say, time is your most important ally or enemy. If you don’t know how to make use of your time and prioritize what you need to do yourself and what you need to delegate, then you’ve lost the battle. 

By automating your business, you can still do what you’re great at and remove the manual repetitive tasks that need to be done for a Shopify online store, for example updating your product prices or stocks. This is even more important if you’re doing it all by yourself, just think of these automation apps like they are your partners. You need any help they can offer to stay on top of everything. 

And once you have more time, you can spend it on ways to grow your business faster and actually be there for your family. 

2. You will save money in the long run

Yes, this is absolutely true and not some expression we just dropped here. And here’s the proof: it’s tough to do it all by yourself, and you probably don’t have the money to hire extra help, so in the beginning, you may try to do it all and at some point, you can make an error, due to being tired and overworked. Well, that error can cost you a lot of money and customers. 

More than this automation will speed up things for your business, which means you will be done in less time and without spending too many resources which in the long run will save you lots of money. 

3. You will optimize your business

As we said in the beginning, it’s hard to do all the manual tasks by yourself, like import orders or stay on top of all the product changes that your supplier can make at any time, like updating the product description or price. 

So, when you use automation tools you actually optimize all these processes and get improved efficiency too. You only need to add the right tools and set your own rules and the automation technology takes care of everything you want it to. 

And trust us, this will also bring you more orders, as you won’t need to put the product offline so you can update it yourself, for example. And with automation, you won’t ever have to think of products becoming out of stock all of a sudden and you not being able to update that on your store. It’s just done in real-time by the dropshipping app.

How to automate a dropshipping business 

Now, let’s get into the ways an innovative dropshipping app can automate your business. As we developed AppScenic with your automation need in mind, we will take it as an example and go through its features and how these can be extremely helpful for your Shopify online store. 

Find and install the automation dropshipping app from the Shopify App Store

First, you need to create and build from zero (if you don’t have one already) your Shopify store. After you’ve all done with this, you can check the Shopify App Store for automated dropshipping apps that work for you. As you will see there are many apps available when you click the filter “sourcing and selling products”. 

If you want to use AppScenic or check its automated features and reviews, then you can find it by AppScenic – Smart Dropshipping.

Now, to add the AppScenic app to your Shopify Store, it’s very easy, below it’s a how-to video where you can see how the process goes. 


Automatic order processing flow

Order processing is probably the most important part of any dropshipping business and it actually should always be automated. Why? Well, it’s really easy, the order placed in your store by a customer needs to get to your supplier.  If it’s not routed automatically, how would the process go? Would you be able to manually direct all these orders to your supplier? You probably could, but think about the hours that will take.

So, when you go for a dropshipping app that is also a next-generation automation platform, like AppScenic, all your orders get automatically sent to your dropshipping supplier in real-time. This way the supplier can start right away preparing and delivering your products as fast as possible. 

Here’s how the process works if you dropship with AppScenic:

  1. Once the order is placed by your customer it gets almost instantly imported from your store straight into our platform and then to the supplier.
  2. The order is then automatically processed and shipped by our suppliers as soon as possible.
  3. We add a tracking number to your order which means the app automatically imports the tracking number(s) to your store.
  4. The order is now delivered which usually takes place in a few days after it gets shipped by the supplier. 


Now, as you can see, this process will help you reduce and even completely eliminate any delays or miss communication between you and your suppliers. And the order will get faster than if you do all these tasks by yourself. 

With AppScenic, you get auto-ordering, which means all your orders are automatically received and processed by suppliers.

Align your inventory with your suppliers

Another important aspect of your dropshipping store is to always keep your inventory in sync with your suppliers. This ensures you won’t sell a product that is not actually in stock or has the wrong price. 

AppScenic offers a 24/7 products sync automation feature, which means that the app syncs the stock and price between you and our suppliers every day. You will never sell at the wrong price or go out of stock overnight.

Here’s how this works:

  1. You need to start by browsing through our products catalogue and importing the products you want in your store and then pushing them to your Shopify store so that they can actually be published on your store.  It will just take a few clicks, as you can see in the videos below. 




  1. After you have pushed all the products you want to sell to your Shopify Store, you will benefit from an almost instant sync between your products’ prices and stocks and the suppliers on AppScenic.


Automate your payments

How would you feel if you don’t have to waste time on whether you paid or not your suppliers this week? Well, that’s why you have automation apps for this. Safe automatic payments ensure a smooth and fast process between you and your suppliers. 

With the right automation app, you won’t need to keep track of your payments to your suppliers.

And once again, with AppScenic you can benefit from a revolutionary wallet system that was specifically built to help you pay your suppliers automatically with your favorite payment method. 

So, how does exactly work? Well, when you setup your AppScenic Account, you will have to configure your Wallet and how you want to pay for your orders. At this stage, you have also the option to enable auto-funding for your Account. This means your wallet is automatically funded with your favorite payment method once the minimum threshold is reached. 

You can also setup multiple payment methods so you have a backup in case you run out of funds on your preferred payment method. This is the safest way to never worry about missing a payment. 

Watch the video below on how you can setup your Wallet in a few easy steps. 

Automate your order tracking 

Real-time order tracking is highly important these days. In a recent survey, 87.4% of respondents said that real-time order tracking made their shopping experience better and 24.6% of them said they were extremely likely to return to a brand that provides order tracking.

That’s why you should choose a dropshipping app that provides this feature as this can make a difference for your customers. 

AppScenic provides a shipments management feature that updates the tracking numbers by importing them to your store automatically.

How does it work? Once the order is sent to your customer by the supplier, our app automatically imports the tracking number to your store and sends a notification to your customer too.

Next-generation dropshipping automation app

AppScenic is an all-in-one automation dropshipping platform that offers all the tools and features you need to build an easy-to-manage online store.

Complete Dropshipping Toolkit-AppScenic -

You won’t only get the awesome features we talked about already, but you will also have access to a complete and powerful dashboard packed with the most innovative tools on the market, such as smart price formulas or custom rules for auto-orders. 

And on top of everything, you will benefit from a huge product catalogue that includes over 1 million high-quality products coming from top suppliers that can ship all over the world. 

Ready to check AppScenic awesome automation features? Then sign in now for free. 

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