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Dropshipping With VidaXL – What’s That All About? (Detailed Review)

Dropshipping with VidaXL -  

Not sure that you know enough about VidaXL? Did you know they started as a marketplace for home and garden items and evolved a few years ago into a dropshipping platform?

Well, this article is all about that. We looked for reviews and articles where VidaXL is featured, and the following article is what came out of this research.

Now, as you will see, there are not too many blogs or websites that reviewed VidaXL dropshipping platform, but we still think this next piece will help you make up your mind about choosing or not to dropship with them.

So, what is VidaXL?

VidaXL is an international online retailer based in Venlo, Netherlands that is offering a wide range of products from the home and garden niche. 

They had such a huge success, that in 2017 they decided to launch a dropshipping platform and made their entire range of products available for other retailers too. This service is called DropshippingXL. 

So, in other words, retailers from  Europe, USA or Australia could dropship VidaXL products and sell them through their online stores. 

The range of products found on DropshippingXL and VidaXL Marketplace has over 50,000 items consisting of a few categories, such as:

  • House items, like furniture
  • Gardening or outdoor furniture and other such accessories
  • Garage
  • Sporting goods
  • Hardware
  • Pet supplies

How does the dropshipping process work on VidaXL?

If you go on their website, here’s what you will find in terms of the steps you need to take in order to dropship their products.

  1. Sign up: register for an account and start searching their catalogue of products to add to your online store
  2. Start selling: set your price and sell to customers in 29 different countries
  3. Shipping: VidaXL ships your orders directly to your customers.
  4. Track your order.


So, it seems the process works the same as for all dropshipping platforms, a dropshipper or a retailer can connect his online store to VidaXL catalogue and then choose which products to add to his store. When a customer places an order, the order will be handled by VidaXL, who actually takes care of the shipment. 

The platform can also provide content translation in 29 languages, meaning that retailers can sell these items to customers in multiple countries. 

Why choose VidaXL?

Again, here’s what they say on their website. 

  • Easy and flexible selling portal: features that make dropshipping a breeze, with API access and multiple payment options
  • Over 50,000 products: in-house production and a variety of brands, giving you access to thousands of products
  • Real-time data feeds: keep up-to-date on products, pricing, stock and order management
  • Fast Delivery: you can rely on a speedy shipping service
  • Return handling: they will handle return requests, giving you time to focus on your business
  • Customer service provided: a friendly team is always on hand to offer business support.


Now, as you can see, all these sound great, but how true are all of them?

To find that out, we looked at what other users said about VidaXL and what other articles and reviews we could found after we did a search on Google. 

So, what’s the general opinion about dropshipping with VidaXL?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find too many reviews or articles about dropshipping with VidaXL. As the platform is around for a few years now, that in itself should raise some questions. There should have been more reviews and users talking about its application and features. 

But, let’s see what we found in terms of pros and cons.


  • The app is simple and therefore easy to use;
  • Varied catalogue, with more than 50,000 VidaXL products;
  • You can sell to customers in the US, EU, and Australia;
  • Product content is provided in 29 different international languages;
  • Order processing and inventory management included.


  • The app comes with many issues once installed, the most important ones are that you get charged even if you never use the app; there were many users who didn’t receive any API key;
  • Their support team is not easy to reach, many users complain not getting any response;
  • They offer no free trial;
  • They provide no educational resources as there are no instructions on how you can connect to a store or download the app;
  • The general opinions and reviews about dropshipping with VidaXL don’t exist and the few ones we could find are not so good.


To read the reviews by yourself, we recommend checking the Shopify app store, where their app has only 2 stars. That’s the only place where you can read about their dropshipping platform. On Sitejabber or other review sites, you won’t find any rating for dropshipping with VidaXL.

Now, just to have a feel of what their online store can provide and what their customers are saying,  you can check the reviews VidaXL the marketplace has on Sitejabber and Trustpilot

Let’s start with Sitejabber, where VidaXL US has a consumer rating of 3.5 stars from 669 reviews. Consumers satisfied with VidaXL US most frequently mention good quality, great price and assembly instructions.

On the other hand, the most critical review highlighted by Sitejabber is “I wouldn’t consider buying anything from them because of bad customer service and crappy products.” This review actually summarizes their weakest points, poor customer service and low-quality products. After reading these reviews, we can also add to this list the long shipping times.




Now, on Trustpilot, VidaXL UK has a consumer rating of 3.7 stars from aprox. 7000 reviews. This rating may seem decent, but once you start scrolling down, you only see 1-star reviews, as the ones below. 

 -    -    -  


As you can see, the most recent reviews are negative and include complaints about long shipping times, poor quality of their products, no order tracking information and poor customer service

To conclude, we recommend reading up on what other people experienced while dropshipping with VidaXL and most importantly what customers say about their marketplace, as that’s where your products will come from.

And then ask yourself would you dropship from a company that has these ratings and such reviews?

Are you ready to choose another dropshipping platform?

Now, if you decide to try another dropshipping platform, one that’s better than Oberlo or AliExpress, for example, then please do the research about them too. 

That means reading the reviews and choosing a platform that offers a free account or trial to start with so that you can see for yourself how the platform works and if it suits your dropshipping needs. 

Why give AppScenic a try? Well, even if we are still new on the market, AppScenic fills huge gaps in the dropshipping market. We knew what retailers needed and what was missing from the market, and we built AppScenic to be all that. 

AppScenic has everything you need to start a dropshipping business. It’s the next-generation dropshipping platform that gives retailers access to top and fast suppliers and a catalog of unique, premium products. 

All the suppliers on AppScenic can ship products directly from the USA, Europe, Canada, etc. You don’t need to wait up to 40 days or more for the order to arrive at your customer’s door. 

And on top of everything, once your store is connected with AppScenic, our app automates everything for you, from importing and syncing products to orders, payments, tracking numbers and so much more. 

Also, AppScenic comes with a Free Account that lets you import 500 products and connect one store. You can use that Account for as long as you want. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can start dropshipping with AppScenic right away.

Find all you need to know about AppScenic

Register now and see for yourself if our platform is the right one for you. We have also made a few short How-To videos to help you setup your account with us in just a few easy steps.

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