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44 Most Popular Questions About Dropshipping – FAQ (Updated: April 2024)

Most popular questions about dropshipping - FAQ -  

Are you thinking of dropshipping but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve reached the right place and the perfect article to help you better understand the dropshipping world. 

Now, we’ve looked for the most asked questions about dropshipping on (plus Google) and below you will find the best FAQ on dropshipping ever.

Keep in mind that we wanted to keep it simple, that’s why we tried to make our answers as short and to the point as possible. As we know you would want to know more on some topics, we recommended other articles or blogs where you can find more on that topic.

80 dropshipping questions -

Table of Contents

What is dropshipping?

The most basic question about dropshipping is also the most asked one, of course. Now, there are many answers out there, so what we’re going to do is try to simplify it. 

Dropshipping is just another business model that has trended for quite some time now. Now, if you are a store owner or retailer and want to dropship then it means you will sell products without having an inventory of your own or a distribution center to store and ship these items. Your products actually come from a supplier or a manufacturer, who is also the one who ships those items directly to the customer.  

In other words, when you dropship you sell products by posting images of them on your online store. The actual products are in the supplier’s distribution center, which is also the one that actually fulfills the orders. 

Your end customer won’t ever know that those products are not coming from you, so you’re responsible in their eyes for how it’s shipped, how fast it gets to them and how it looks. That’s why suppliers and their products are the most important aspects of your dropshipping store. 

What products to dropship?

This is a question with a complex answer, one that you need to read more on. 

But, for the sake of this article, here are the most important aspects you need to take into account when deciding on which products to dropship:

  • Products that have the “wow” factor: this means you need to look for unique, amazing products, the ones that will just make your customers say: Wow! I want that!
  • Products that are hard to find in your area: find the ones that are not normally in a retail store or in your area. That’s when a customer is willing to pay more for shipping and is willing to wait a bit longer for an order.
  • Product with good profit margins: Before deciding on which product to dropship just make sure you check it has a profit margin high enough that covers the cost of goods and advertising.
  • Products that solve a problem: One of the most important qualities of a great dropshipping product is to solve a problem. People will always choose products that can make their life better and easier. 
  • Products with no advertising restrictions: you also need to find a product you can advertise about, as this will probably bring you the most customers. So, check Google and Facebook terms and ad policies, for example, before making any decision.


Here’s a short guide on how to find a winning dropshipping product in 2023 

What is the success rate of a dropshipping business?

Well, it is estimated that only between 10% and 20% of dropshipping businesses succeed. But this happens mainly because there are many people who start dropshipping without actually understanding what it’s all about. These people think that this business model will get you rich overnight, which is not true.

To succeed in dropshipping, you need to work hard and be passionate about ecommerce and, in time, your business can be profitable and successful.

Here’s why over 90% of dropshipping businesses fail 

What are the most important benefits of dropshipping?

There are many important reasons why you should start a dropshipping business, but among the most important benefits are the next ones:

It’s just easy to setup and manage – yes, you read that right, dropshipping is easy to setup as you don’t need to have already experience with ecommerce or just any type of business. What you need to do is take your time and learn the most important parts of this business model. But once you know what you get into, it’s easy to start a dropshipping business mostly because the costs are low, especially if you compared them to other retail business models. For example, you don’t need to own or produce those products or need to hire a whole team to help you start. More than that, you don’t need to worry about shipping anymore or returns, that’s all taken care of by your supplier.

So, after you setup your dropshipping store, you can also manage it easily. You just need to find the right ecommerce platform, and reliable suppliers and just put everything together. Once these are done, you only need to invest in advertising and just keep updating your online store with better products, images, videos, etc.

Here’s a great guide that will help you understand the fundamentals about dropshipping 

You don’t need an office – that’s one huge important benefit of starting to dropship, you can setup an online store and dropship from anywhere. You only need a laptop and an internet connection.

It’s easy to scale – with dropshipping you can have more and more orders and scale up without worrying about other costs. Yes, you will have to put all your efforts (and more budget) into marketing so your business can grow, but you won’t have to think about other costs, like the platform you use for suppliers, as that will stay the same.

You are your own boss – probably this benefit attracts most people these days, we all want a more flexible work schedule and to set our own rules. We want to work when we want and from anywhere. Now, of course, you need to work a lot, and put in the extra effort if you want to succeed, but this comes more easily when you work for yourself.

What are the main disadvantages of dropshipping?

As you can expect, there are also disadvantages when dropshipping, and among them are the next ones:

– Low margins – in the beginning, you may have slim margins as it depends on the niche you are going to go for. It also depends on how competitive is your niche. So, just keep in mind that there will be profits but maybe not so high as you may expect from the start. But, if you choose the right niche and you do your research, find all about your audience and how to get in front of the right people, you probably have a big chance to have bigger profits really fast.

– Complex order processing – this happens when you import products into your store from multiple suppliers and platforms. As different suppliers have different shipping times and services, this can create problems for you and your customers. So if you decide to choose different dropshipping platforms, just be careful about their shipping setup, costs or their processing and billing services.

– You don’t have a lot of control – that’s only normal with this business model but many people don’t think about it when they start dropshipping. So, before deciding you want to do this, just make sure that you are fine with not having a lot of control over stocking products, order fulfillment, or shipping. That’s why dropshipping exists so that you leave all these aspects to your suppliers and you can have more time to focus on marketing and selling the products.

– Customer service can be challenging – this only becomes a problem when you choose the wrong suppliers and your customers are not happy with the products or the shipping times, for example. But if you choose a platform like AppScenic where all suppliers are reliable and offer high-quality products, then you won’t have to deal with many angry customers.

What is the most important thing in dropshipping?

The most important thing or step to take to dropship, one that most people never actually take, is to get started. What that means is that at some point you need to start building your ecommerce business. And this is the hardest thing for most people, mostly because of fear of the unknown.

In case some of you think that successful dropshippers have this huge certainty about how their business will be, then think again. Most of these successful entrepreneurs had the same fears and reservations about how their businesses would turn out. But where others stopped, they did move forward with their plan despite these doubts.

So, if you really want to start your own dropshipping business, then you need to do exactly that. Of course, as we keep on saying, you still need to do your research, decide on what products to sell or what platforms to use, and then actually begin building your online store in spite of all the fears and reservations you may have.  These are all normal, you just need to start at some point.

What are the challenges in dropshipping?

You may think this is a popular retail strategy, so there probably aren’t big challenges when you start dropshipping. But there are a few challenges you need to be aware of, for example, lower profit margins for some products or potential legal issues if you don’t do it by the book. So, here are the most important challenges when starting to dropship.

You will need to rely on third-party suppliers. Now, of course, if you have been a retailer for a while you know you need to rely a bit on your suppliers, but when dropshipping, this happens at a higher level. So, if a third-party supplier fails to deliver an order as promised, you are the one they blame and to whom the customer complains. The same applies when a supplier goes out of business, and the retailer, you, are faced with massive disruption for your business operations.

That’s why we always recommend working with multiple suppliers and choosing a platform like AppScenic. It’s important for you to have a working contingency plan in place if things turn bad for a supplier.

You face a high level of competition. The fact that it’s so easy to start an online store when you dropship means that you also face substantial competition. Why? Well, as you can’t have an exclusive agreement with a supplier to be the only one dropshipping their products, you will have many others selling the same products as you. Of course, there is the possibility to work with an independent supplier, but that means you will have only one supplier and as we said above, that’s not good for you.

What we instead recommend is to make your store the best in your niche by either offering free shipping on all orders or by proving great customer service.

You can have tight profit margins when you start. Great advantages, like the fact that you don’t need to take care of the order shipping process, also mean that your revenue will be low in the beginning. That’s because you outsource the order fulfillment to a third party, of course. But once your sales volume increases then your profit will also be higher.

Your customer support can be difficult. As said, when something goes wrong with any order, customer support gets more difficult when you don’t control your inventory. But as long as you can reach your suppliers and trust them, when the customer has a question about the product, and claims it was defective, or never received it, then you can work this issue fast with the third-party supplier or platform and resolve the issue.

What are the risks of dropshipping

Will dropshipping still work in 2023?

Yes, of course. And we dare even say it will be even more profitable and successful from now on as the latest data shows the global dropshipping market is expected to grow at a rate of 28.8% from 2019 to 2025

In another market study, the global dropshipping market is predicted to reach $591.77 billion by 2027

Read more on why we think dropshipping is such a strong and profitable business model

Will dropshipping still be profitable in 2023?

Yes, of course. But it all depends on you and how much time and effort (plus money) you invest in dropshipping. We recommend paying attention to the following:

  • What type of products do you dropship, from what niche, does it have a big competition, target audience, etc.
  • Find the best ecommerce platform to build your store on, one that makes it easy for your customers to search and buy your products.
  • Market your products accordingly – from SEO, organic and paid content to Facebook advertising.
  • Find the right dropshipping platform – one like AppScenic where you have access to reliable and fast suppliers plus a catalog of unique, premium products.
  • Last but not least, offer great customer service. 


Yes, all this will take some time but if you do them right, dropshipping will be worth it. But, if you want to make money fast and are not 100% invested in doing the hard work then dropshipping is not for you. As long as you have the right mindset, then yes dropshipping can be profitable in the long run.

Here’s more on how profitable dropshipping can be

Where to find dropshipping products?

There are many suppliers, platforms and apps that offer dropshipping products. The more complicated part is to find the right one for you, so what we recommend is to choose a few dropshipping suppliers platforms that also offer a free account and test them out before deciding on one or two the most. 

As we believe dropshipping is more than sourcing low-quality products from China and AliExpress, we won’t recommend such platforms. So, we recommend choosing suppliers that can offer high-quality products from outside China and can also ship super fast to your location. 

Here’s where and how you can find the best suppliers:

  • Find out which are the best dropshipping apps for your ecommerce platform: so if you have a Shopify store, then just check on their app store what are the best-rated dropshipping apps that can integrate with your store. AppScenic, our platform is one of them. 
  • Check what independent suppliers are out there: this is another way to find and sell great products and it also means you can have your own brand store and sell private label products from independent suppliers.
  • Go for all-in-one platforms for dropshipping: these are those platforms that can offer all the above, from great pricing plans, unique and high-quality products, top and reliable suppliers, ultra-fast delivery times to 24/7 customer support and other amazing features. Again, AppScenic is one of these platforms, where you can do everything – manage your team, handle orders and, most importantly, get access to over 1 million high-quality, unique and scalable products from trusted and top-rated suppliers.


Where to find dropshipping suppliers?

The answer to this question is similar to the one above, go check out the sourcing and dropshipping apps that are available on the app store of your ecommerce platform, for example on Shopify or WooCommerce

Also, check what type of independent dropshipping suppliers are available in your niche.

We recommend choosing a platform like AppScenic that can give you access to multiple suppliers with premium and unique products. Also, try to find more than one supplier that ships fast to your region. 

Why do dropshipping businesses fail?

There are many questions similar to this one, such as why dropshipping is bad or dead. 

So, why dropshippers fail, and how come so many people out there say dropshipping doesn’t work?

Well, this happens because these people didn’t actually understand how dropshipping works and thought dropshipping is all about selling low-quality products from suppliers on AliExpress. But that’s just not how dropshipping is done right. 

If you want to have a successful dropshipping business then you need to learn all about dropshipping, what products to sell, where to find them, what are the best suppliers out there, how to get to your target audience and other such things. 

Dropshipping can be very profitable if it’s done right, just like any other type of business. 

If you want to know more, then here are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid when setting up your dropshipping store

When did dropshipping start?

This business model called dropshipping is much older than you think. The idea of selling products like this started at the end of the ’50s. Two of the most popular retail brands today, JCPenney and Sears, started to use this method on a large scale in the 60s and 70s. 

When logistics became a nightmare for them, at the end of the 70s, they started to build some of the first fulfillment warehouses in the USA (that’s similar to what Amazon calls today FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon). Another company called CompuCard realized what a great opportunity would be to use these warehouses, so they began to add items from the warehouses in their mail-order catalog for a mark-up price.

How did it work back then? The moment a customer orders an item, CompuCard purchases that item from the fulfillment center. Only then the warehouse would ship the product straight to the customer’s address (shipping address).

And this is the exact moment when the dropshipping model as we know it today started. Of course, now it has evolved into something bigger.

Here’s the full story on the history of dropshipping

When will dropshipping die?

Well, that never happened and we hope that day will never come. And it does sound like dropshipping will always be around. Here is some more data that can back this up.

It seems that 22-33% of online retailers have adopted the dropshipping model as their primary method of order fulfillment. Also, 56 percent of online sales on Amazon were sold by third-party sellers through dropshipping.

Last but not least important fact, Shopify’s revenue (one of the most popular dropshipping platforms used by online retailers) for the twelve months ending June 30, 2021, was $3.85 billion, meaning an 85.25% increase year-over-year.

Here are some more important statistics about dropshipping that will help you see that dropshipping is not dead and will not be in the future. 

When is dropshipping illegal?

Dropshipping is legal as long as you follow the rules of the country you’re dropshipping in. So, we recommend reading about the laws behind ecommerce and dropshipping that apply to your specific location.

Now, start by checking all the information you have available on common legal concerns and issues that most dropshippers can come by. 

We recommend starting with this article about the legal issues behind dropshipping and what are some legal requirements

When can you start dropshipping?

You can start dropshipping when you feel you’ve done all the research about this business model. 

Here are some of the aspects you need to decide on before starting to dropship:

  • Where do you want to dropship, what’s the location(s) you want to sell your products in?
  • What type of products do you want to sell? What niche? What are the products that are trending in your area?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What ecommerce platform to choose for your online store?
  • Where to find the best suppliers and products for your store?
  • How to market your products? What channels to use to advertise your products?
  • What is a realistic budget to start with?


Once you know all these things, you can start dropshipping. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start dropshipping

Who pays for shipping when you dropship?

It depends from one supplier to another (or from one dropshipping platform to another), but usually, this is paid by you, the store owner, or your customers. 

For example, on AppScenic, the shipping cost is added automatically to the listing price (the one that will be pushed to your store). That means your customers pay for the shipping fee when they purchase an item. 

Who invented dropshipping?

Dropshipping wasn’t exactly invented, actually, it evolved into what it is today from what it was in the 70s.

What we can say is that dropshipping started when two of the most popular retail brands today, JCPenney and Sears, built the first fulfillment warehouses in the USA (what Amazon calls today FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon) at the end of the 70s. 

Then another company called CompuCard realized what a great opportunity would be to use these warehouses, so they began to add items from the warehouses to their mail-order catalog for a mark-up price.

Who pays the VAT when dropshipping?

Most of the time, in dropshipping, you need to include the VAT in the final price of a product, which means the customer actually pays for VAT when purchasing products. 

But this can depend from one region to another, for example, if you’re sending goods from the UK to the EU with a value of up to €10-22 (depending on the country), then you are exempt from import VAT. But if their value exceeds this limit, import VAT must be charged.

As the biggest regions for dropshipping are the EU, USA and the UK, we recommend checking the following sources for more on the VAT rules of each of them:


Who are some successful dropshipping stores?

We can imagine you want to read about success stories around dropshipping, and there are quite a few dropshipping stores out there that have a huge success. More than that, we think you can learn a lot if you study these stores, check their online store, their product pages, and their social media channels and see how they did it before you set up your dropshipping store.

So, go check this list of 23 dropshipping stores that we promise will inspire you to build your own online store.

Do I need to register my business to dropship?

The short answer is yes, you do need to register your business before you can start selling products. Even before you start to set up your online store, you need to check what are the legal obligations in your region and then decide what type of company you need to set up depending on the country you dropship in.

Read this article about the legal issues behind dropshipping and what are some legal requirements

So, you should know that in order to start selling, receiving payments, and paying taxes, you need your business to be legal and compliant, which means you need to register it. You can go for a sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, or corporation (C-corp).

Learn how to set up a dropshipping business

There are many pros and cons to each of them, and that’s why we recommend consulting an attorney or another legal professional for advice on what’s the best option for your business and your region.

Most dropshipping store owners choose to register their company as a sole proprietorship (also known as a sole trader in UK) or LLC  (known as LTD in UK).

If you want to dropship in the USA, then check this article on how can you setup a dropshipping business in the USA

If you are thinking of dropshipping in the UK, then you can check this guide on how to start a dropshipping business in the UK 

Can dropshipping be successful?

Yes, dropshipping can be successful and can even make you a millionaire, but only if you invest a lot of time and effort. If you want to get rich fast, dropshipping is not for you. 

Now, even though there are many “dropshipping experts” out there saying dropshipping can make you rich overnight, well, we can tell you that’s not true. 

To become a successful dropshipper, you need to take your time, learn the basics of dropshipping, choose the winning products, build up an awesome store and study your target audience in detail. And on top of all this, you need to find that unique selling point, that can make your store stand out, as there is a lot of competition out there.

Now, all of this takes time, money, passion, and creativity. It’s up to you to decide if you got what it takes to succeed in dropshipping. 

Can dropshipping be a full-time job?

Yes, but not from the start. Just as you would do with starting any new business (for example freelancing), you should also test the waters with dropshipping before quitting your day job. 

We recommend starting with a small dropshipping store and having it as a side project for as long as possible. Only after you feel comfortable with its success and that you can make a living out of it, you should transform it into a full-time job. 

Can dropshipping be automated?

Yes, it can. That’s why platforms like AppScenic are the best for dropshipping. 

AppScenic has everything you need to start a dropshipping business. Now, our platform it’s not only a next-generation dropshipping platform that gives you access to top and fast suppliers and a catalog of unique, premium products, but it also automates the entire dropshipping process for you.

So what does this mean? Well, it does everything for you, from product sourcing, product import, and 24/7 stock & price sync to auto-ordering, automatic payments, auto-import tracking numbers, and many other powerful features. 

In the end, you will actually have one platform for everything dropshipping-related – manage your team, handle orders and, most importantly, find high-quality scalable products from trusted and top-rated suppliers. 

Here’s everything you need to know about AppScenic

Are dropshipping courses worth it?

There are many great courses on dropshipping that are definitely worth it. But keep in mind that there are also many fake dropshipping specialists or gurus out there that sell courses, so be careful what you choose. 

As there are many paid courses, please do your research and see if those are worth it.

Now among the best free dropshipping courses are the ones from Shopify and Do Dropshipping. Check this list of the best blogs, websites or YouTube channels about dropshipping.

We have also launched AppScenic Academy – which focuses only on dropshipping and ecommerce courses. The Academy where we share our extensive knowledge about dropshipping, and all the ins and outs that we have learned over the years. 

Read more on why our dropshipping course is a game-changer

Are dropshipping companies legit?

Of course, just as dropshipping is legal, there are also many companies out there that really do what they say they do – help you to dropship. AppScenic is one of them, of course. 

Now, in terms of which dropshipping company works for you, that’s a decision you need to make after you research the market and choose a few dropshipping platforms.  We then recommend reading multiple dropshipping blogs on them, checking the reviews from other dropshippers, going on Reddit and Quora, and just testing them out.

If you want to know more about AppScenic, then check this step-by-step guide of dropshipping products from our platform

How dropshipping works?

Here’s how the dropshipping process works, step by step:

  1. It all starts with a retailer (or a store owner) like you who sells products on their ecommerce website or another marketplace.
  2. The products the retailer sells are actually held by a supplier or wholesaler (who could be anywhere in the world). 
  3. These products may cost $1 per unit on the supplier side, but the dropshipper lists them at 3$ each (so that he/she can make a profit of 2$ from the sale).
  4. When a customer orders a product from the dropshipper’s website (that will be yours), the merchant, AppScenic in our case, receives a notification of the order which will be automatically forwarded to the supplier.
  5. The supplier will be the one who fulfills the order and ships it directly to the customer under your name. 


How to start a dropshipping business?

This is a very complex question, but for the sake of keeping it simple, here are the steps you need to follow to start a dropshipping business:

  1. Research dropshipping and understand this business model
  2. Make a business plan
  3. Choose a product niche
  4. Choose a name for your online store
  5. Incorporate your company
  6. Create your ecommerce store 
  7. Find a dropshipping supplier to source products from
  8. Start marketing and then advertising your products


If you want to read more on each of these steps, then here’s our detailed guide for starting a dropshipping business

Also, you can check our complete dropshipping course that will give you access to a structured, comprehensive guide for both total beginners and experienced retailers alike.

How to find a dropshipping supplier?

Here are some ways you can find dropshipping suppliers:

  • Google for dropshipping suppliers
  • Find suppliers for the products that you want and contact them directly
  • Check on the app store of your ecommerce platform for the best-rated product sourcing apps 
  • Watch videos made by other dropshippers and see what they use
  • Read dropshipping blogs and check what suppliers are recommended there
  • Check the dropshipping communities on Reddit 
  • Use AppScenic – a next-generation dropshipping platform that gives you access to top and fast suppliers and a catalog of unique, premium products, while also automating the entire dropshipping process for you. 


These are 5 things you should consider when choosing a dropshipping supplier

How much money can you make dropshipping?

It’s very hard to give you a straight answer on how much money you can make from dropshipping. You can make millions or $12k in one month like this guy. Or you can get to that point where you can make a decent living out of dropshipping. 

Just like starting and running any other type of business, dropshipping will also be time-consuming and one of the hardest things you will do in your life. But, as long as you put in the time and commit to it, it can bring you lots of money. 

So, do your research, take your time studying the ins and outs of this business model, understand how it works and what resources you need and you have all the chances to succeed. 

Here are a few success stories that will help you understand better how dropshipping works

How much money do you need to start dropshipping?

This one is also difficult to answer, as it depends on so many things, from the type of store, niche, niche size, type of products to audience and competition, among others. 

Now, if we talk about setting up a proper store with everything it’s needed,  features and the tools included, find the right suppliers and also keep some budget for advertising, then you would need approx. $1500-2500 to start with. 

Again, you can successfully dropship with less money but if you want to have a better chance right from the start and also test at least 15 products, then this is the budget you should start with. 

The true cost of dropshipping 

How does dropshipping payment work?

Well, in the simplest terms, this is how the payment process goes:

  1. Your customers pay for a product
  2. You will then have to pay the supplier
  3. Pay other expenses (like ecommerce platform, dropshipping apps or other business expenses)
  4. What’s left is your profit


Here’s a great article that explains in detail how the payment process works in dropshipping

How to make dropshipping a full-time job?

Just like you do with any other job you’re passionate about, invest time and energy and just stick with it, don’t give up if it doesn’t go as you want right from the start. 

If you want it to become a full-time job, then you need to be patient, have a plan, learn all about this business model, test different types of products and marketing strategies and do the extra work. 

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get started with dropshipping

How do you dropship for beginners?

Here are the steps to follow when deciding to start dropshipping:

  1. Research, take some courses and read all that you can about this business model
  2. Decide on the niche and products you want to dropship
  3. Select your company name & domain name, create your logo & business email address
  4. Setup an online store
  5. Choose some payment methods
  6. Choose the right sales channels
  7. Find the right suppliers
  8. Start marketing your product


You can start with this guide on how to get started with dropshipping

How should I start – with a general or a niche store?

What’s awesome about dropshipping is you can sell almost everything online, but the difficult part is identifying what it’s missing, and what are people looking for in your region and can’t find easily. These are some questions you need to find answers to by studying your area and researching on the great Google or using what other tools you can get your hands on, from Keyword Planner to Semrush and Moz, for example.

Now, if you’re just starting, we recommend starting small and setup a niche store. This will mean less competition, a simpler marketing strategy, easier ways to reach out to your audience, and so on.

Here are some ways you can find the best niche for you

Is dropshipping legal?

Yes, dropshipping is absolutely legal. As long as you follow the rules of the country you’re dropshipping in and setup a proper dropshipping business. 

Owning and managing a dropshipping business is completely legal, but before starting a business like this you need to find out all about the ecommerce laws that apply to your specific location, for example. 

So, make sure sure you know the specific rules of the country of your choice (or that of your target countries) before starting selling products online. You can start by checking all the information available on common legal concerns and issues that apply to dropshipping.

Read this article about the legal issues behind dropshipping and what are some legal requirements

Is it possible to start dropshipping with no money?

Not really. 

Even if you won’t use paid advertising for your products, you will still need some money to purchase a domain name or setup your online store, among others.

So, before deciding to start dropshipping, keep in mind that you will need to invest some money.

Read more on how to start a dropshipping business.

Is dropshipping dead?

No, actually dropshipping is becoming even more popular in 2023 than it was in 2020. 

Just to prove our statement, that dropshipping is definitely not dead,  here are some facts:

  • On Amazon, 56 percent of online sales are sold by third-party sellers through dropshipping.
  • Shopify’s revenue (one of the most popular dropshipping platforms used by online retailers) at the end of June 30, 2021, was $3.85 billion, which actually meant an 85.25% increase year-over-year.
  • 27% of online retailers are now using the dropshipping business model as their primary method to fulfill orders from customers. 


Here’s more on we think dropshipping is not dead

Is it too late to start dropshipping?

No, it’s not. You may have more competition than a few years ago, but as long as you find the right niche and are serious about dropshipping, you can still have a successful online business. 

As we keep saying, take your time and learn all about the dropshipping business, then start small and test different products niches with different marketing strategies, invest some money in advertising and see what works for your audience and the region you’re selling to. 

Here are some more important statistics about dropshipping that will help make up your mind about dropshipping. 

Is dropshipping for you?

As we keep on saying, dropshipping is definitely not for everybody. It’s not a get-rich-fast business and it does need you to put in a lot of time to succeed, from reading all about what it takes to dropship to always testing and trying new strategies to market your products.

So, dropshipping is for you if you are passionate about ecommerce, digital marketing, or content marketing and want to get to work for yourself. In the beginning, you should start dropshipping as a side business (besides your full-time or part-time job) and when you feel comfortable, you can switch to doing dropshipping full time.

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Is dropshipping halal?

Dropshipping is halal when practiced transparently, honestly, and with fair pricing. So, as long as you ensure transparency with your customers, maintain fair pricing, and avoid deceptive practices, we can say dropshipping itself is not haram.

Here are a few guidelines for starting dropshipping while adhering to Islamic ethics, and upholding honesty, integrity and Islamic teachings.

1. Maintain transparency with the customers and clearly state that your products are sourced from third-party suppliers.

2. Refrain from engaging in unjust price hikes or manipulative tactics solely for the sake of higher profits. Make sure the pricing of your products is always reasonable, ensuring that neither you, the seller, nor the customer is exploited.

3. You should carefully assess the quality of items suppliers offer to avoid providing low-quality products to customers.

4. When selecting products to dropship, make sure that these are aligned with Islamic values, such as those that are ethically produced, and free from harm.

5. You must maintain your integrity by providing accurate information and refrain from any form of deception, such as false advertising.

6. You have to be socially responsible and should consider the impact of your business practices on your community, including environmental sustainability and ethical labor practices.

7. You should constantly learn and seek guidance from trusted Islamic scholars or ethical advisors who can provide insights on how to keep dropshipping halal.

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Where to learn about dropshipping?

There are so many great resources out there. Here’s a list that can help you learn all that is to learn about dropshipping:


There are many more websites, blogs or YouTube channels that can help you learn all about dropshipping, just do a google search and see for yourself. 

Which countries to target while dropshipping?

That depends on many factors, most importantly on your professional background and your location. What do you know about our audience? Where are they located? What do you know about ecommerce? These are only a few of the questions that can help you decide what countries you want to target. 

As a first rule, it’s better to start dropshipping in the country that you know the best. This also means you know the people living in that country and it will help you better target them when marketing your products.

Now, of course, there are great countries where dropshipping already proved to be successful and there are countries where dropshipping is definitely a bad idea. 

Some of the best countries you can dropship in are:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany


Some of the worst countries to target for dropshipping are:

  • Rusia
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • India


Here’s a great article on the 15 best and worst countries to target in 2023

Which dropshipping company is the best?

There are many great dropshipping companies out there and choosing one depends on what you are looking for, what budget you have, the products you want to dropship or the countries you want to sell to.

Of course, we think you should start with AppScenic as our platform has everything you need to start a dropshipping business. This is a next-generation dropshipping platform that lets you access top and reliable suppliers and a catalog of over 1 million unique and premium products. 

Also, if you’re just starting and want to test our dropshipping platform, you can choose to register for a Free Account that you can use for as long as you want. With our Free Account, you can import 500 products and have also access to some of our awesome automation features.

Now, if you decide to go for one of our paid plans, our app will automate the entire dropshipping process for you, from product sourcing, product import, and 24/7 stock & price sync to auto-ordering, automatic payments, auto-import tracking numbers, and many other powerful features. 

So, once you choose AppScenic, you will have access to one platform for everything – manage your team, handle orders and, most importantly, find high-quality scalable products from trusted and top-rated suppliers. 

Find all you need to know about AppScenic

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