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10 Best Trending Products To Dropship In 2023

10 trending products to dropship in 2022 -  

It’s almost 2023 (crazy, right?), and so now is the perfect time to list some of the best dropshipping products to sell next year.

Before we jump right in, keep in mind that all of these products are based on what we uncovered during our market research and some predictions based on tools like Google Trends and Keyword Planner. 

If you’re not sure how to spot a winning product, check this article for some best practices to use.

So, what are the 10 trending dropshipping products and niches to sell in 2023?

Below is a list of what we think are the most profitable dropshipping products and niches in 2023. We hope this list can help you make up your mind about what are some of the best products to sell in 2023 and beyond. 

Now, the products selected by us are added to the list randomly, meaning the first one is as important and trending as the last on our list. So, don’t think the first one is better than the last one. They are all equally important. 

What you should also take into consideration is that each product and niche have its own target audience and choosing the right ones to sell is only the start. Of course, the right product can give you the push you need to succeed in this business. 


Toys and baby products

Baby products are in high demand this year and have been for some time now. On Amazon, there are over 50000+ results for “baby products”. 

Now, you may think only parents or people with children buy baby products, but that’s wrong. Everybody buys at some point a gift for a baby, even if it’s in their family or they have some friends that just had a baby. 

A few top-selling baby products we recommend are products for newborn babies, pregnant women, clothes for babies and kids, baby carried, baby blankets and many other baby care products. 


According to Shopify, toys are the first on their list of trending products, and among them reading toys and flying toys saw a global order growth of 294% and 275%.

Also, it seems that the toys and hobby ecommerce market is estimated to reach $601 billion in 2022 and the number of users expected to buy online toys is expected to reach 2,924.2 million people by 2025.



According to Keyword Planner, there are between 1 – 10 Million monthly searches for the term “toys”. This can only mean this product category is in high demand this year and we don’t see any reasons why it won’t be in 2023 too. 



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Eco-friendly products

Another category of products that are trending for a few years now is the eco-friendly ones. But this can’t come as a surprise for any of us. People want to help the environment and protect the planet even when they buy the smallest thing. They want to do their part and help in any way they can. 

You can either start an online store that sells only eco-friendly products or we strongly recommend adding some environmentally friendly products to your store, even if you are not actually specialized in this niche. 


Among the most trending product in this category is the reusable water bottle. Consumers want to cut down on single-use plastic and water is so important for us humans, that’s why the demand for reusable water bottles got so high these last years. 



And to prove our point, here are the average monthly searches on Google that show the same huge interest as expected. 



According to a report by Grand Review Research the global reusable water bottle market was already valued at $8.38 billion in 2020 and is expected to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% from 2021 to 2028. 


Pet supplies

Pets have become part of our life, they are our family. That’s one of the reasons products for pets will always be in trend and one of the most popular product categories on the market. 

According to APPA (American Pet Products Association), the pet industry reached $123.6 billion in sales in 2021 in the USA, the highest level in history. It seems this is the second consecutive record-setting year for this industry, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023.

The best part about pet supplies is that everybody can purchase them online, they don’t need to be tried on. That makes this category of products just perfect for ecommerce. As you can see below, the pet product has kept on increasing in the last couple of months and it’s predicted it will boom even more. 



Now, if we talk about specific pet products you should know that some of the most searched items in 2021 were dog beds and cat leashes. Again, below we have added a screenshot of the average monthly searches for cat leashes according to Keyword Planner from Google. 


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Beauty products

You can never go wrong if you choose to dropship beauty products, because who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? 

Again, you don’t need to trust us, just go check Google Trends (see below) and also search Amazon for this category and you will get over 100,000 products.



Also, the beauty industry is predicted to exceed $716 billion US dollars by 2025.  This is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets, driven by the cosmetics and skincare segments mostly.

Now, the tricky part is to choose which products to sell from the beauty category. Well, there are so many kinds of beauty products and to make a choice you can again check on Keyword Planner or another tool that can give you an idea of the average monthly searches.

Among the most sold beauty products are essential oils for hair, hyaluronic acid face serum and makeup brushes. And according to Shopify,  the most trending products to sell in the beauty industry are eyebrow enhancers. This type of product is in high demand on Shopify stores and Google.

As you can see below, the term “eyebrow enhancer” is searched on average between 1k-10k every month. 



So, if you’re going to go for makeup products, such as the eyebrow enhancer, then you definitely should add to your range more such beauty items, like brushes, pencils, liners or other makeup accessories. 

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Women clothing

Like beauty products, clothes and more specifically women’s clothing will always be in high demand. In 2021, the global fashion ecommerce market reached nearly $700 billion and this figure is expected to reach just over $1.2 trillion in 2025.

The only difficult part when choosing to have a clothing line store is the type of clothing you go for. The competition is pretty high, so you need items that can help you grow and build a prestigious name for yourself in the fashion industry. 

We recommend choosing a supplier that has a range of unique and custom-made products that will help you stand out in the crowd.

As you can see below, women’s clothing is always trending on Google and it’s one of the niches that will always be on-demand.




Now, regarding what type of clothing product you should add to your store, well, we think you can sell anything from T-shirts and sweaters to elegant dresses. The common theme for all these items should be high-quality and one of a kind. 

If you want more proof that clothing for women is in high demand, go look on Amazon and you will see over 100,000 products selling under women’s clothing. Most of these items are for winter and the holiday season, but that depends on the season and the country you’re targeting.

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Home decoration

In these last 2 years, most of us stayed more at home than we ever did. We worked from home, exercised from home and spent a huge amount of time in our houses. That all means that the demand for home decoration products boomed as people wanted to make their houses as cozy and beautiful as possible. 



As for what products you should go for, you have a wide range of options you can pick from cushions, candles, prints and posters, wall clocks, curtains or home fragrances. The idea is to fill your shop with home decoration items that are fun, cozy, unique and of high quality.



Take this example above, the term “cushions” has a huge average monthly search and that only means this product is and will keep on trending in 2023 too. 

If you want more data, then check this Statista forecast that says the ecommerce furniture and homeware sector is predicted to grow by 6.6% every year until 2025.



Consumers, especially the young ones, like to be as independent as possible, and so they want to be able to fix small issues that can appear in the house, at work or on the road. 

That’s one of the reasons tools are a trending niche you can start to dropship more in 2023. Don’t trust our word, just go on Amazon (where you will get over 100,000 search results) and Google Trends (see below) to check how this product category is trending. 



Also, according to a report by Global Market Insights, the home improvement market is expected to skyrocket to over $1 trillion in sales by 2027. This means that tools like drills, grinders, and saws can be products that will always trend. 

For example, power drills will always be trending. That’s because there will always be people that would want to do some quick fixes around the house by themselves. 

As for what other tools you can sell, we recommend choosing either the classic one, like an electric screwdriver or a repair tool kit, or tools for consumer hobbies, like arts and crafts tools. 


Tech and gadgets

All items in the latest tech and gadgets categories will always be on-trend. There is a huge audience out there for this niche and the way to get in front of them is by adding to your store the best gadgets from suppliers that can ship ultra-fast. 


We’re spending more time at home, and it’s only normal to spend money on different gadgets that can make our life better and more interesting. You can opt for so many different types of gadgets and tech, from smartphone accessories to drawing tablets.




Drawing tablets can be the perfect gift for Christmas and as you can see above, the average monthly searches are huge. 

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We all love our hobbies, but during these last 2 years, when many of us lived in lockdowns, these hobbies have become even more important to some of us.  

People tried out new hobbies or invested more in their old ones, but the fact is that all items for hobbies, like arts & crafts accessories, trended in 2021 and will most likely keep on being popular.  



Try to choose as many products for hobbies as possible, the idea is to cover a wide range of hobbies that consumers love to do. From the ones for people who want to stay indoors, like art and crafts, to the products for consumers who love to go on great outdoor adventures, there are many categories you can add to your store.

For example, in 2020, activities like hiking, fishing, and kayaking have boomed. People started to hike or go outside more because everything else was closed. That’s the only reason, we think, kayaking has become so popular lately. According to Statista, the number of people practicing this outdoor activity reached approx. 13 million in the USA. 



Christmas, the merriest holiday of all, is almost here, and of course, gifts had to be on our list, as these are the months they are selling like crazy. But we think having gift sets or some other products sold as gifts in your online store will always bring you more sales. 



Gifts will always trend as there are always reasons for people to buy gifts for their loved ones, from birthday gifts to just because you love someone gifts. You can sell gifts for babies, eco-friendly gifts, gifts for the home, gadgets as gifts, sports gifts, and so on.

Any other niche or product category you choose from the ones above you can and should always add to that type of store a section for gifts. 


So, here you have them, the 10 trending products you can sell in 2023. We hope this will help in your journey to having a successful dropshipping business in 2023 and beyond.

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