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Best Dropshipping Products For Beginners

Best dropshipping products for beginners -  

Just decided you want to start a dropshipping business but are not sure what products or niches to sell as a beginner? Then this is just the article for you. 

So, read on if you want to know what to look for in a product if you’re now just starting to dropship and what are some of the best products to sell for beginners. 

How to find the best products to dropship for beginners?

Before giving you some great niches and products you can sell in your first online dropshipping store, let’s see what you should look for in a product when you do your own research. 

Choose the industry and niche that you’re most passionate about

Yes, one of the first things that should help you decide on what type of product to sell is how much you love or at least know about it. So, keep this in mind and try to choose a product or a niche that you either have experience in or have basic knowledge in. 

Choose low-cost products with good profit margins

Price is also something you should keep in mind when choosing the right product for your store. We recommend not starting with high-priced items if you’re totally new in the ecomnerce world. And even if you have some experience with an online store, be careful when choosing to sell high-ticket products as they come with lots of expectations from your customer, such as 24/7 support.

So, it’s better to start by choosing a product with a low cost but has a profit margin high enough to cover the cost of goods and advertising.

Here’s an example, find a product that costs at least $20 (or $19.95) with a 2.5x – 3x markup. So, if your shipping fees are $8 and you can sell that product for a total price of $24.95, then you can get a 3x markup.

What’s the marketing potential?

Make sure you think about the marketing potential before making the final decision and starting to sell a product. Just try to put together a marketing plan to see what it takes and if you have the budget to sell such a product.

The best niches are the ones that have great marketing potential, for example, find out if the community around that niche is open to new products or what type of articles you need to write, can you give away products or are there lots of influencers you can reach out to?

Can you add some accessories?

As we also discussed in this article, the margins on low-ticket (or low-priced) products like accessories are significantly higher than those of high-ticket items. For example, if you sell a cellphone you will probably make an 8% margin on the latest smartphone, but you will almost certainly make a 150% or 200% margin on the case or cover that goes with it.

Customers pay much more attention to a very expensive item, such as a smartphone or laptop, than they do to the price of smaller accessories for these products. So make sure you either choose to sell just tech accessories that are of high-quality or even unique, or try to find a niche where accessories are needed too. 

Choose small items to sell

If you’re just now starting to dropship, you will find out soon enough that customers expect free shipping and that delivering large and fragile equipment like furniture or home appliances it’s expensive. 

So, try to sell small items that are easier and cheap to ship to your customers, such as jewelry or other small accessories. 

How hard it’s to find in your area?

This is also an important aspect to consider before choosing the right product for your store. Finding and selling a product that’s hard to find in your area will definitely increase your chances of success as long as the people in your area buy it online. 

So make sure the product or niche you choose it’s hard to find either in physical stores or other online stores that sell in your region. As long as the customers won’t normally find these products in a retail store or in their area, they will be fine with paying more for shipping or waiting a bit more for the products to get delivered. 

What’s the competition

Understanding what’s the competition for a certain niche or product in your area is also essential. This will help you figure out what you can bring new to the niche of your choice. For example, does your competition sell unique products or has a fast delivery time? Or what are their best sellers? What do you think you can bring new to the market?

Also, once you know what you’re going to sell, you should study your competition and learn from the way they market their products, what they post on their social media channels, do they have a blog, and what are their most-read articles? 

Make sure you research your competition, from which products they sell to their marketing and advertising strategies. 

What are the best products for beginners to dropship?

Now that you know what to look for when choosing the right product to dropship, let’s see what are the most popular dropshipping products and niches to sell.

For each of the following niches, we added their search interest over time from Google Trends to show you that they are indeed very popular. 

Tech accessories

Electronics and gadgets are probably the most popular products in the last years and that’s not surprising. Gadgets are one of those products that people will always be interested in and, what’s even more amazing, is that most people purchase them online. 

What makes them so great, among many other things, is that almost all the expensive gadgets, like smartphones or smartwatches, come with lots of accessories that have low costs and good profit margins. 


Phone accessories on Google Trends -


For example, you can sell phone accessories like screen protectors and phone cases as they will always be in demand. According to this study, the market for protective coverings alone is predicted to reach $35 billion by 2027.

You can sell all kinds of phone accessories, from tripods, and ring lights to green screens and other equipment, and be the go-to place for customers looking to get all the gear they need in the easiest, fastest way possible.

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Clothes and fashion accessories 

According to Statista, apparel and footwear sales are valued at $1.5 trillion worldwide and this number will increase to $2 trillion by 2026. And a high percentage of this comes from online sales, so why not take advantage of the popularity of the fashion industry right now and start your first online store by selling clothes and fashion accessories. 

You can choose to sell bags, backpacks, belts, and ties, among other accessories, as all of these have low prices, are small and come in many different forms and colors. So add different sizes and various designs and have some for different occasions and customers. 


Fashion accessories on Google Trends -


Keep in mind that you should be interested in fashion, and follow what are the latest trends in fashion and what influencers are wearing, so that you can always offer the most in-demand items.

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Home decor items

The home decor niche is another great category that beginners can start dropshipping products from. Why? Well, more and more people are working from home which means they will want to invest even more in how their private space looks like. As you can see below, home decor is a term that has been trending in the last 5 years.


Home decor on Google Trends -


There are multiple items you can sell,  such as cushions, candles, prints and posters, wall clocks, curtains or home fragrances. All of these are very affordable and easy to deliver. So, try and sell these low-ticket products but make sure they are of high-quality or unique so that you can stand out in the market. 

Beauty products

The beauty industry is predicted to exceed $716 billion by 2025 making it one of the fastest-growing consumer markets, driven by the cosmetics and skincare segments. And even though there are many skincare products that you should stay away from as a beginner, there are many other great beauty products you can sell. 

The best way to start a beauty store is by selling products like eyebrow pens, makeup brushes, makeup sponges or eyebrow enhancers. All are very simple and cheap products and must-have items for anyone who’s into makeup and skincare. 

Makeup products according to Google Trends -

So, makeup products are probably one of the best choices for beginners as long as you have a basic knowledge of this industry. 

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You may think jewelry is not for you if you’re just starting your first online store, but that’s not true. If you have a passion for jewelry and watches, then these products can be a great idea for your first online store. 

Jewelry is definitely one of the best dropshipping niches for beginners as it’s made of very profitable items that will always be in demand. And there is room for more online stores too, as long as you find the right products to dropship. More than that, jewelry items are small and easy to deliver. 


Jewelry trends worldwide -


The jewelry niche has lots of subcategories to choose from, but as you’re just now starting, you should look for one-of-a-kind earrings, rings or necklaces that are of high quality but aren’t too expensive. 

You can even get a pretty high-profit markup when selling jewelry as this niche is one of the most profitable out there. But that’s only if you find the right suppliers and do your market research. 

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Pet products

There are 471 million pet dogs worldwide so if you love pets and want to sell products for our furry friends, you should look into dropshipping pet supplies.

According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet industry reached $123.6 billion in sales in 2021 in the USA, which is the highest level in history. And this trend is expected to continue in 2022. 

Also, this category is perfect for ecommerce as most pet owners are purchasing their pet supplies online. And below you can see that search terms like pet supplies have kept on increasing level in the last couple of years.




Of course, as you’re just now starting, we recommend selling low-cost products for pets like leashes or toys. Once you have a customer base and a bit more experience in this industry, you can add some expensive items too and test them out. 

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To sum-up

These are only our recommendations based on the trends we’ve been seeing in the ecommerce world. Of course, you should do your own research, and based on your own interests and experience, you should choose a niche that you’re comfortable with and see what is missing from your market or what you can do to stand out. 

Once you know what products you want to sell, then you can give AppScenic a try and browse through our product catalogue for those products. We have 100 categories of unique and premium products, all from the best suppliers on the market.


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