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Top Seasonal Products To Dropship Every Spring

Top Dropshipping Products to Sell Every Spring -  

If you are thinking of dropshipping seasonal products and wondering if this is a good idea, then this article is for you. We recommend reading on till the end if you also want to learn about some great seasonal products that you can dropship this Spring.

Now, you’ve probably heard a lot of people telling you don’t do this, seasonal products are hard to sell, you are going to waste your time, and other such things.

There are also a lot of so-called dropshipping experts telling people to avoid seasonal products. But we are going to show you how you can actually take advantage of dropshipping seasonal products and then use them in your favor.

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Why seasonal products aren’t ever added to the list of most popular products to dropship? 

Well, not only do seasonal products not get added to the most popular lists for dropshipping but there are even some people who recommend not selling seasonal products.

Usually, their theory is based on the fact that a seasonal product can only be sold for a couple of months (or even weeks) and then an entire year needs to pass until the demand for that product gets high again. And that’s a pretty valid point. It definitely seems it’s a waste of time and energy to build a store around a product or a niche that sells only for 2 months out of 12. Right?

It’s true, there are some products or categories, such as Halloween costumes, for example, or Christmas decorations, for which the demand is super high for a month or so and then it suddenly drops. But, fortunately, there are many types of seasonal products, and due to the fact that many retailers avoid dropshipping them, you can use this to your advantage.

Now, let’s imagine for a moment that you make seasonal products the theme of your business, and build your store around them. If you have the entire year covered, you will never have gaps in your sales. 

So, for example, during the spring you will sell spring products, of course, during the summer you will sell items like sunglasses and swimsuits. Now, during the autumn you could focus on let’s say Halloween costumes and also go for some warm clothes, for example, or school products. Then, during the winter, you can add to your store Christmas items, decorations, gifts, ski accessories, and so on.

You get the picture, the point is to build a store around exactly the products that most of the dropshippers avoid, but you do that in a smart way. 

Of course, this is almost impossible if you have a normal store where you need to own the stock. With dropshipping, you can make this happen because you don’t need to buy the products in bulk and keep them in a warehouse, waste money on storage and so on. So, you won’t need to buy 1000 Halloween costumes or Christmas decorations and when you’re not able to sell them, lose a lot of money and waste a lot of time.

That’s why dropshipping is such a great way to sell seasonable products without any risk and with less effort.

So, we hope you now understand how you can build a dropshipping store around seasonable products and why you should do this.

As we promised, we will now take a look at some dropshipping products that you could sell during Spring.

Top Dropshipping Products to Sell Every Spring

The next seasonal products are great for dropshipping during Spring, but some can also be added as permanent additions to your store.

So, after we looked at the biggest Marketplaces out there, did our own research on Google Trends and Keyword Planner, here are the best products to dropship this Spring. 

Once you choose to sell one of the following products, keep in mind that to be successful you need to market accordingly and promote them to the right audience.

Reusable water bottles

First on our list of best products to dropship this Spring is an eco-friendly product – reusable water bottle. People want to help the environment and protect the planet, that’s why it’s no wonder eco-friendly products like reusable water bottles are trending in 2023.

Consumers want to cut down on single-use plastic and water is so important for all of us, that’s why the demand for reusable water bottles got so high these last years. 

Spring is the season when people start to exercise outside or spend more time outdoor. Of course, that also means most people will buy new reusable water bottles. 

And to prove our point, here are the average monthly searches on Google that show a huge interest in this product.  


Sell reusable water bottles -


Dropship reusable water bottles -

According to a report by Grand Review Research the global reusable water bottle market was already valued at $8.38 billion in 2020 and is expected to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% from 2021 to 2028. 

Hiking backpacks 

Spring is when people start to hike again. There are lots of people who prefer hiking under the sun rather than in the winter season. Well, all these people are planning to buy new gear to go on spring expeditions.

Hiking backpacks are not only seasonal products, but Spring is the season when people tend to look for new backpacks to go on wildlife adventures. 

So, even if you decide to sell hiking backpacks all year long, these products can also do great as seasonal products for Spring. 


Sell hiking backpacks -  


Dropship hiking backpacks -  


Spring is the perfect time to sell swimwear and swimming suits. As it seems, things are going back to some sort of normal, then we can expect swimwear products to be trending once again. 

Lots of customers are likely shopping for these products now as exotic holidays no longer need to be postponed.

Your customers can go for backless swimsuits, one-piece swimsuits or bandage bikinis, all great choices to have in your store for people who enjoy swimming and walking on the beach. 

So, be sure to add to your store a wide range of swimwear, that can work for people going to exotic tropical beaches or for the ones that prefer swimming indoors. 

Dropship swimwear -  


Sell swimwear -  

Outdoor furniture & lights

People all over the world start thinking about their outdoor furniture, for example, items for their garden, once Spring is here. As you can see on Google Trends the search for outdoor furniture is always at its highest during the Spring months. 

So, if your store has furniture items, then be sure to add some outdoor furniture for your garden.

Sell outdoor furniture -  


Dropship outdoor furniture -  


Dropship garden furniture -  

Outdoor lights or garden lights are also on great demand during the Spring season as you can see below.

Dropship garden lights -  

Gardening / Flower hangers

Spring marks the start of the gardening season, as we said above, making products from this category, such as flower hangers or planter-raised beds, are great additions to your catalog during this season.

Products like flower hangers are perfect for young people that want to add a bit of color to their living space. Also, these products are great to dropship to a specific audience, for example, plant-loving young professionals, that don’t have a garden but still want to feel Spring is all around them.


Dropship flower hangers -  

Sell flower hangers -  


Dropship gardening products -  

Outdoor toys

Once the good weather is back, kids want to play more outside. Pair that with the Spring break time, and you will have many parents looking for items their kids can play with while in nature or their garden. 

As you can see on the Google Trends below, it’s expected that outdoor toys will be more in demand during Spring and Summer seasons. 

We think (and Google agrees) that having a wide range of outdoor toys in your store would be great during the Spring season. 

Try choosing toys and products for outdoor play such as trampolines, swing sets or other garden toys.


Sell outdoor toys -  


Dropship outdoor toys -  


Dropship trampoline -  

Portable power banks

How come we are adding portable power banks to our list of top products to dropship during the Spring season? Well, that’s because power banks are perfect for people who want to enjoy the great outdoors for a long period of time. And spring is a great time to do all that, from hiking, camping, trips to the beach or other road trips. 

If you own a portable power bank then you can spend as much time as you want in nature without worrying about your mobile device battery. 

But, it’s true that power banks are products with high demand and therefore profitable all year long, as you can see on Google Trends. 


Sell portable power banks -  


Dropship portable power banks -  

Face rollers

Face rollers are the new hot products in the beauty industry. Believed to offer huge skincare benefits, face rollers or jade rollers are a super trendy item to have in your beauty store. 

It seems searches for jade rollers started to spike in 2018 and have been growing since then. Jade rollers are expected to continue to grow or keep a steady trend, making them one of the best things to dropship in 2023 too. 

Remember to offer multiple types of face rollers, not only jade rollers, so that you can see which one works best for your audience. 


Sell face rollers -  


Dropship face rollers -  

BBQ tools 

Next on our spring dropshipping products list are barbecue items, such as BBQ tools sets and other grilling accessories, such as bear claws. 

As you can imagine, spring is perfect for barbecues. Once the warm weather is back, people want to stay outdoor. And whether we’re talking about families or friends getting together, they have one thing in common, everybody loves a good BBQ. 

Now, as selling barbecues can be a bit more difficult, we recommend that this Spring you add BBQ accessories to your dropshipping store. And as Summer is after Spring, you can keep on adding more barbecue tools, such as bear claws or other bbq-related products. 

As always, try to offer a wide range of BBQ accessories so you can have everything for all types of grill masters out there. 


Dropship bear claws -  


Dropship bbq tools -  

Let’s sum up

So, there you have it, these are the best dropshipping products that are trending during this spring season. 

To sum up, here are the best dropshipping products to sell during spring:

  1. Reusable water bottles
  2. Hiking backpacks
  3. Swimwear, such as bandage bikinis
  4. Outdoor furniture & lights
  5. Gardening, such as flower hangers
  6. Outdoor toys, such as trampolines
  7. Portable power banks
  8. Face rollers or jade rollers
  9. BBQ tools, such as bear claws


Now, it’s up to you to decide which of these products work for your online store. Happy dropshipping!

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